Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching Up Tuesday

Just some random thoughts:
Been battling technology all week at Casa Crotchety. It's hard to decide whether Twitter is the bane of my existence, or my reason for living. It seems like I'm not getting anything done because I spend the entire day refreshing the screen to see minutia.

The Crotchety Old Lady finally got the batteries for her camera. Now she just has to start taking some pictures. The first one should be the Rutherford B Hayes kidney stone.

Rather than bore everyone again with a rant about entrecard, as I'm sure anyone who has read enough blogs is more than aware that much of the community is very unhappy with it, The Queen has summed up all these feelings in one easy to understand icon.
And the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is so appropriate.

Tomorrow is my friend and staff member Bchbear's birthday, so it will be an extra special caption picture. Make sure you stop by.



Janna said...

Twitter can be both your reason for living AND the bane of your existence.
That's because it's so good at multitasking.

Harry Yack said...

Hahah! I love that pic. Cheers for directing us to zat blog, Crotchy.

Unknown said...

I thought you were gonna say COL bought batteries for another reason.. I almost threw up until I saw"camera"

I haven't seen that Icon.. I have her other EC badge that I LOVE

shyne said...

Ah, Twitter........I guess I'm lucky I'm so tech challenged, otherwise I'd be doing that, too.

Great picture!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think Twitter should be reclassified as a drug. You think you can just have a little tweet and walk away. But no, just a little more. Then you start hitting the refresh button...

A cocaine addiction is suddenly looking a lot more appealing.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're on Twitter, Crotchety. It's a time-waster, yes-- but a great way to get to better know folks. And a lot more fun than your three-thumbs-down-Entrecard at the moment.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm already one sleeve short of a straight jacket. I don't need Twitter.

I love the picture.

Unknown said...

Great entrecard!!
I'm still wondering about Twitter.

Da Old Man said...

@ Janna: I never thought about the multi-tasking angle. Sort of like the Certs two mints in one principle.

@ Hindleyite: Glad to.

@ Dizz: This is a G rated blog, young lady.

@ Shyne: If I can do it, anyone can. But Twitdeck has made my life so much easier.

@ Tiggy: It is definately the crack of online timewasters.

@ Jenn: True, it's much better than EC right now.

@ Reforming: It's a crazy thing

@ Sherry: Try it, can't hurt. Though it may be the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Marie said...

Between Twitter and Facebook and creating new blog backgrounds just because I can, I am starting work two hours late this morning!! Aggghhhhh!!

I have the attention span of a toddler anymore!

Donnie said...

I'm familiar with Twitter and the issues with Entrecard, but a Rutherford B. Hayes kidney stone? Now you have to share that with the world.

Bee (the one who muses) said...

I used to love twitter and then it stopped accepting my password on my cell phone. Now I only twitter when I remember it.

As for Ecard. I removed the widget because I was never able to fully understand it and if it takes time, I don't have that luxury at the moment.

Your goat post below made me hungry.

Sandee said...

I love the Entrecard graphic. Pretty much says it all. If I could just figure out how to keep the ads from bumping my paid adverts I'd be happy. Making me a bit crazy for sure.

Have a terrific day Crotchety. :)

One Creative Queen said...

You so rock for putting the EC pic up...I bow to your crotchity existence! I have Twitter but stopped using the account...I had to go cold turkey. I'm afraid if I just go to the page and look, I'll be back up to 100-refreshes a day. ;)

Kirsten said...

I don't really get twitter. Maybe I'm just getting old. :(

The Hawg! said...

That photo pretty well sums it up, doesn't it? There is much unhappiness in the land of Entrecard and I've noticed a lot of Entrecarders show up on BlogExplosion lately...

A New Yorker said...

And yet not a tweet to me from you. Hmmm

brokenteepee said...

The publicist is getting tired of paid ads and is now rejecting them wholeheartedly.
She is a twit as well...but doesn't tweet much. Or rather tweets in bursts and then gets distracted. Must be inhaling too much goat gas.

Da Old Man said...

@ Marie: Easy to get distracted with all this stuff.

@ Don: I know. She has to take the picture and download it. The world awaits.

@ Bee: I thought of you when I posted the goat pictures. Kevin isn't for eating.

@ Sandee: It really is a mess they created, and could have easily avoided it by creating a dual widget.

@ One Creative Queen: I really liked it. I see that stupid Twitter update, and I get all set to refresh. Pavlov got it right.

@ Kirsten: I don't get it either, but I'm giving it a chance.

@ The Hawg: I've heard good things about BlogExplosion.

@ Lauren: I just Tweeted (Twittered?) you.

@ Pricilla: Goat gas will do that to you, I've been told.

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Old Man i am ready to win your caption contest. zuchinni, here we come.

Bee said...

I like that you named my dinner. ;o)

Da Old Man said...

@ Bee: Stop that. That is so wrong. We only eat the funny looking animals like chickens, cows, and kangaroos.

Creative Junkie said...

I avoided Twitter for as long as I could. Now I'm totally immersed in it. And I find that highly ironic as I have no problem limiting my thoughts to 140 character spaces on Twitter and yet, cannot seem to write anything shorter than War and Peace on my actual blog.

Now I'm going to have to follow you on Twitter.