Friday, June 19, 2009

Caption winner announced; PETA News Update

First, we'll announce the winner of this week's contest. With 50 entrants, it was a close one again. But the staff at Crotchety Old Man World Wide Headquarters and Discount House of Worship came through.
Hilarious comments were submitted by Philip Dyer, Lady Sarcasm, Jenn, Moooooog, Quirky, Kirsten, Sheila, FReak Smack, Jeff, Bunk Strutts, Marie, Nonamedufus, (Un)Censored, Haley, and Douglas Dyer.

But only one can win the coveted Zucchini Award for Captioning Excellence. And this week, it goes to
Twitter: For the technologically challenged.
Twitter: For the Amish

by: Swirl Girl
The judges were not sure whether that was one or 2 captions, but it worked either way.

Second place went to Nonamedufus, while third was Kirsten.


And, as promised, here's the latest from those goofballs at PETA.

I'm sure you have heard this "story" by now, but in case you missed it, during an interview in the White House, President Obama killed a fly. PETA observers naturally took notice and sent him some sort of humane trap, so that in the future, flies in the White House can be trapped safely, and returned to the wild.

I swear I'm not making this up. PETA, an organization that has euthanized hundreds, possibly thousands, of animals like dogs, cats, and fluffy bunnies, was in favor of saving a fly. A poop eating, disease spreading insect. This news made me want to eat a sea kitten.


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo to the winner: Swirl Girl!

And yes I heard about the ridiculous PETA brouhaha.

Ridiculous to the 100th degree.


Anonymous said...

I read that in the NYT and I figured they were just joking around,no?

Lola said...

Congrats to the winners!

I think PETA just needs free publicity.

PhilipDyer said...

Heh heh... Amish. That's just funny!

Marie said...

PETA members should be forced to work in orphanages and foundling hospitals. A fly. Assholes.

I loved that caption "Twitter for the Amish"! Congrats!

Chris said...

Twitter for the Amish. Perfect.

I have a PETA rant due for release on is totally ridiculous.

Donnie said...

PETA is as about as goofy as it gets. Those people should be jailed as a menace and nuisance to society. Much like a fly.

nonamedufus said...

Congrats to the winner. Nice quote. Second again. I'll just have to try harder. PETA's just goofy.

nipsy said...

Congrats to the don't tell anyone but just this morning I killed an entire hill of ants.. wonder what peta will do about that one?

A New Yorker said...

I think I need summer school for caption contests. LOL Re the fly: reminds me of the line, said the spider to the fly.

Moooooog35 said...

I always kill flies whenever I can.

You never know when one is actually Jeff Goldblum.

Kirsten said...

Good one, Swirl Girl!

btw-I love the Peta bullsh*%$! Get a life!

Swirl Girl said...

I finally won !! Whoot Whoot! I will take my coveted zuchinni and run!

the PETA thing reminds me of a great (?) old joke - What is the last thing to cross a bugs mind before it hits the windshield?

It's ass.

Unknown said...

Great caption, one that deserved to win. I did a post on PETA yesterday. They wonder why people make fun of them.

MikeWJ / Too Many Mornings said...

I've never tried Sea Kitten, but now I will. Hoy, mates! Throw another Sea Kitten on the barbie for me! Funny.

Unknown said...

Cheers for Swirl Girl!

And as for PETA, that really was above and beyond the bizarre. It seems like a humor post the Onion might have put out-- only it's not.

When an organization begins to unknowingly satirize themselves, that's somethin'.

DouglasDyer said...

Amish! That was funny. Go Swirl Girl.

Da Old Man said...

@ Quirky: We need to start a fly rescue group at HBDC.

@ Grace: It sure seemed like it. But they are pretty wacky.

@ Lola: Sure seems like it.

@ Philip: It was perfect

@ Marie: Sure seems like misplaced concerns

@ Chris: I look forward to reading it

@ Don: They are beyond nutty

@ Nonamed: Close again.

@ Nipsy: You didn't try rehabilitating and relocating them? Ants are people, too, ya know

@ Lauren: Uh huh. I may have to develop a course

@ Moooooog: Good point.

@ Kirsten: They have too much free time.

@ Swirl: And well deserved. Thanks for participating.

@ Etta: They are kind of lame

@ Mike: They are delicious

@ Jenn: They are funnier than anything the Onion can write about them.

@ Douglas: It was great.

Crabby Blogging Lady said...

Re: PETA. I think we should publicly cook and eat a kitten or a puppy or baby whale (invite the neighbors) in protest. Videotape it and mail it to their corporate office and all.

FreakSmack said...

mmm...sea ktiien with a dash of hot sauce...mmm

congrats Swirl Girl

Donnie said...

Damn Joe. It's Saturday. I forgot you're not posting over the weekend for awhile. Seems strange...Can't wait until Mondays now. That seems even stranger!

kathcom said...

PETA continues on its delusional course. Stephen Colbert got Jeff Goldblum (The Fly) to speak out for flies on his show, saying, "All they want is to be loved and feed on our waste."
The PETArds get dumber every day.

Janna said...

Wow, PETA must hate me, then. I've gleefully killed zillions of flies.

Maybe they've got me on some kind of insect-enemy watchlist.

This could explain why everytime I pick up the phone I hear a click and a faint buzzing....