Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday to You

So, the Crotchety Old Lady says, "Did you do your post yet?"

No, I'm not doing one.

Why not? You always do a post.

I've been busy.

Busy? All you do is sit on the couch and watch TV.

They were mean to me yesterday.


All of them. Especially Janna They laughed at me, too.

They are supposed to, you moron. It's a humor blog.

Yeah, but then they made me listen to the song.

"You don't even know where Chicago is, Jerkface," she chided.

Well, yeah, it's sort of that way, as I pointed in a more or less westernly direction. I like to assume my couch faces northish.

Just turn off the Married with Children Marathon and write your stupid post.

So I did.


Janna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janna said...


Here, I'll make it up to you by giving you a choice...

You can choose

One goes to your dreaded song...
The other goes to a video with a guy sticking spaghetti up his nose.
On purpose.

Which is which?

I'm too mean to tell you. :)

Unknown said...

thank you old man, you broke my pissy attitude today...mwah!

Punch said...

Janna is mean.
By the way, that song is way to dumb to stick in many heads. (sorry to say)

Unknown said...

psssssssssssst "Happy Monday" is an oxymoron. I just thought you should now.

Janna IS mean.. I clicked on both links and now I am sorry I did. I can see why you hate when that song gets in your head and rattles around up there. Now I have to go bang my head against the wall to get it out

Unknown said...

psssssssssssst "Happy Monday" is an oxymoron. I just thought you should now.

Janna IS mean.. I clicked on both links and now I am sorry I did. I can see why you hate when that song gets in your head and rattles around up there. Now I have to go bang my head against the wall to get it out

ReformingGeek said...

I think Janna has a crush on you.

BTW, I like the song.

Wait. It's freakin' stuck in my head. I may not like it in a few minutes.

nonamedufus said...

I thought the night Chicago died was when Michael Jordon retired - the 2nd time. Oh, and as a public service to your readers...

I heard my mama cry
I heard her pray the night Chicago died
Brother what a night it really was
Brother what a fight it really was
Glory be

Charmaine said...

She called you "jerkface"? ha ha.

I love her. No, I'm NOT being mean merely appreciating...uh...language.

Unknown said...

Oh, gosh, I missed the hubbub-- see... I leave Crotchety to his own devices for a day and a Crotchety melee breaks loose...

Must find out the scoop. Off to check out yesterday's post.

brokenteepee said...

I was not mean, I was uhm, noncommital. I did indicate some gas forthcoming but I thought you were all down with the gas.

Now I have the earworm. *sigh*

Sandee said...

Janna mean? Bwahahahahaha. She is just witty, not mean.

Your wife has the right idea by the way.

Have a terrific day Crotchety. :)

Donnie said...

If your couch pointed Westish instead of Northish and you pointed with your left hand, then you'd be pointing Southish. That's me. Thanks for the notoriety.

Da Old Man said...


@ PJ: Glad to help

@ Punch: I can't help it. That stupid song has caused as lot of problems for me. Mostly in my own mind.

@ Dizz: Oh, banging your head rarely works with that song. That would be too simple.

@ Reforming: That sound is like mental crack. You're now addicted.

@ Nonamed: It's a curse.

@ Charmaine: Jerkface is one of her pet names for me.

@ Jenn: You just can't take a day off.

@ Pricilla: You are never mean. Just a friendly, sweet goat.

@ Sandee: She is very witty. Mean? You did notice she linked the song?

@ Don: You're quite welcome: I need a compass for my couch.

Anne said...

I remember that song (I am tempted to tell you how old I was when it came out, but I will resist bragging). You are much better than all the young moms who just make me feel old. I like feeling young :).

Jessie said...

but its such a great song!

Jessie said...

but its such a great song!

Marie said...

HEY!!! I wasn't mean to you!! I was nice (although I did have to back and make sure lol). I even said I was sorry you were traumatized!

I'm nice to you even though you say horrible things about LOL Cats and Bruce! Hmmph!

I...I think I might cry.

nipsy said...

I can now brag I have not succumbed to the teasing and peer pressure of clicking on the links..I refuse to have that song stuck in my head..simply refuse..

Now get off that couch and point it the opposite way..simply so you can say you did..

Da Old Man said...

@ Anne: Keep feeling young.

@ Jessie: Oy

@ Marie: LOL Cats and Bruce? Oh, Marie, Marie. :::shakes head:::

Poor girl.


Da Old Man said...

@ Nipsy: Good move. That song is dangerous.

Lin said...

"Daddy was a cop on the east side of Chicago....."

Hee! Hee! I'm trying to figure out where you heard that song to get it lodged in your brain so recently. What kind of radio stations are you listening to? Or are you going through your record collection?? It could be worse--my "Humjob" was Chuck Mangione "Land of Make Believe" after one of the bands in the Marching Band world kept playing it in every contest we went to. That went thru my brain for months AND there were NO WORDS!!! It was hell, I tell you.

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Dude Old Man, I'm from Chicago and that song is the da bomb. I liked to watch the sneezing guy while using the Al Capone song in the background.

Da Old Man said...

@ Lin: Mrs reminds me of it every so often just to torture me.

@ Self: Oy

LL said...

Gotta agree with the girls... that song isn't all that bad... in fact, I must admit I don't change the channel when it comes on. But then again, I wasn't around for it's heyday.

Except when I heard my mama cry...

Jess said...

Darn you its in my head...its been played about five times today..its that addiciting..Reason number 12 why this blog is dangerous..right after exploding kumquat mishaps

kathcom said...

Please no more earworms! Monday was the Shield theme, today it's Manamana from the Muppets. I can live with that one for today.

I didn't want to blog yesterday, either. Being glued to Spymaster on Twitter is not conducive to creativity.

And then, I thought of a fart joke. After that, the post pretty much wrote itself.

Da Old Man said...

@ LL: It's a terrible song.

@ Jess: Exploding Kumquats are the least of our problems. But that would be a kickass name for a band.

@ Kathcom: Manamana! That's a dangerous one, too.