Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our Final Day in the Jerseypolitan Area

After a quick NJ breakfast of pork roll, cheese, and egg sandwiches with extra ketchup, it's time to get on the tour bus for our final day before I send you off to visit Etta

And what could be better than a visit to Giants Stadium, home of the Giants and the Jets?

The Meadowlands Sports Complex also features a horse race track and an indoor arena where the Devils play. The Nets used to play there, too, but they moved to Newark, and will probably go to Brooklyn soon. That's ok, because they suck anyway. No one ever confused them with the Lakers.

But the best part about living in central New Jersey is we are about an hour away from the South Bronx.


If National League baseball is more your style, Queens is about an hour away also. That's where the Mets play, and, of course, the current Champions, the Phillies, are about an hour away to the south.

Well, our unofficial state motto is "Welcome to New Jersey, Now Go Home," so I've packed you a sack lunch with some Jersey Mike's Subs, and given the driver some cash for tolls on the Turnpike.

Have a safe trip, and remember our other unofficial state motto, "I didn't see nothing."
Get outta here, ya buncha mooks


nipsy said...

As I tip toe outta here...I felt that pistol at my back...but I gotta ask: pork roll for breakfast?

nonamedufus said...

Gee, Crochety, thanks for a three day tour that I'm sure none of us will fuggedaboutit any time soon. Your lucky to live in sports heaven.

Marie said...

Thanks for the tour Joe, I almost felt as though I lived here.

Oh, wait, I DO live here! lol lol

There are some nice areas in Jersey. I live at the shore and it is wonderful off-season, if a little too Bennie-fied in the summer. But hey, that is what keeps the local merchants in business. And the municipal courts, too.

They are tearing down Giant's Stadium to build a new one. A certain band will be the last to appear there. I got four on-the-floor tickets for one of those concerts. :)

Don't hate me, 'k? :(

Donnie said...

Wow. That's great. Did you grow up there? That sounds like a great childhood... Love those two UNofficial state mottos.

Bryan said...

I have never lived in Jersey, but I've spent plenty of time there (and my wife grew up by the shore). A few comments: pork roll is great any time of day, and Jersey Mike's subs could be the most amazing sandwiches I've ever had. I could be wrong, but I think the Devils the team that moved to Newark. And what the heck is that crazy giant indoor ski slope next to Giants Stadium? What were they thinking?

Unknown said...

Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

P.S.: I found it curious that the image used before was when you were thinking of running for president. Since you are again entertaining political ambitions, perhaps this is a sign. Well, of course the image is of a sign, but beyond that.

brokenteepee said...

What! No scrapple?! Or is that too SOUTH Jersey?

Thanks for reminding me of home, perhaps not the BEST parts of home, but home nonetheless.

ReformingGeek said...

YIKES! Guido looks kind of scary there. I'm going. I'm going.

Thanks for the great tour!

Da Old Man said...

@ Nipsy: That is the absolute official NJ breakfast food.

@ Nonamed: Very lucky. Thanks.

@ Marie: Enjoy the concert. Bruce is still a jerk.

@ Don: Yup.

@ Bryan: You are right. The Devils moved to Newark, too. I forgot. And Jersey Mike's has been around for years, started out in Point Pleasant. They are terrific.

@ FishHawk: Thanks.

@ Pricilla: Scrapple? That is more Pennsy/So Jersey. And I have never eaten it. And doubt I ever will.

@ Reforming: Glad you liked it. Thanks for coming to NJ.

Chris said...

I used to go to the Mike's Sub Shop in Dunellen all the time. I have not had a better sandwich since. Mr. Assante's Pizza in Green Brook is also a must.

Unknown said...

Love both of those mottos.

nipsy said...

I will now never consider my choice of conglomerat topped with syrup for breakfast weird again..;)

Janna said...

Now I'm going to have to Google "pork roll" because I've forgotten what it is.

I can't decide if it sounds really good or really, really bad.

Da Old Man said...

@ Chris: I need to check out Mr. Assante

@ Sherry: NJ chose them carefully

@ Nipsy: Hey, you picking on our unofficial state food?

@ Janna: It is wonderful. Salty, sweet and porky. Like bacon with attitude.

Adullamite said...

Lots of 'sports' stadiums, but no real 'sport' to be found there! Tsk!

kathcom said...

Hey, I cry foul on you using the Meadowlands. When the Giants or the Jets suck (that is, often and hard) you can call them New York teams.

If they're playing well, you've got an easy commute to the stadium. You've got the best of both worlds. Isn't that against the rules in New Jersey?