Monday, November 22, 2010

That's amore

Well, I forgot Mrs. C's anniversary was today. A major ooops. What could I buy her now that is so kickass she won't mind if it shows up a few days late?

I have $23.89. Any suggestions?

She already has a fairly new snow shovel, a new wooden spoon, and a perfectly good mop.

I'm going to get some glue and make her a macaroni card. That should be enough for today.


Sandee said...

You are such a romantic Crotchety. Why is she still with you? Just wondering.

The other thing...If it's her anniversary it's your anniversary too.

Have a terrific day and Happy Anniversary. :)

Madge said...

My search for $23.89 brought me to this, and a couple of books on amazon. Good luck

$23.89 after $6 OFF Frut A Vie™ Cacao Dark - Weight Management Chocolate (at costco)

ReformingGeek said...

Two or three roses?

Deb said...

It's HER anniversary? Not yours too?

Hmmm....what could Mrs. C's anniversary be about? The 20,000th time she had to make the bed?

Tell Mrs. C to e-mail me. I have some ideas as to what else she can use that fairly new shovel for that does not involve snow.

00dozo said...

Well, if you ordered a big pizza pie as an anniverary gift, be prepared as to where it ends up.
(Happy Anniversary!)

Unknown said...

A slice off of "your" pork roll?

nonamedufus said...

No viagra-related activity for you. By the way I see the Jets rose to the occasion Sunday. How' about you?

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Hey, you are home with her. What better present IS there than that??

Our anniversary is today. 14 years!

Da Old Man said...

@ Sandee: 'cause I'm a studmuffin

@ Madge: You gotta be kidding. I missed th anniversary, then I give her something that says I think she's fat.

Reforming: 12

@ Deb: Nope, all hers. That's how you chicks are.

OODozo: I got the pizza.

FishHawk: NO

Nonamed: No Viagra related. I took one and it did nothing. I guess my stuff is so enormous, I need a few of them.

@ Shield: Happy anniversary to you. I'm enough for her. :)

Janna said...

Send the $23.89 to me.
I'll think of something.

It's only fair, what with you on the verge of being a millionaire and all.