Thursday, November 18, 2010


Took a roll around the ranch today and it was an eye opener.

How the mice will play while the cat is away.

The woman has been spending like we have a money tree in the back yard. And a big one at that.

First, she PAID to have the house painted, knowing we had a perfectly good brush in the shed. And Charlie next door has a ladder she could have used for the high parts. To further agitate me she had it painted banana, even hough she knows I'm allergic.

New awnings. The old one was only missing a few strips.

Next, while going through the kitchen, a brand new wooden spoon. As rarely as she cooks you know she didn't wear out the old one.

Finally, I went through the fridge and pantry.

Name brand products.

No store brand peanut butter for Mrs. Rockefeller.

I gotta go and lecture the missus about frugality. Catch you tommorow.

I'll start visiting blogs soon.


Sandee said...

Now you really didn't expect her to climb ladders and paint the house did you? Bwahahahahahaha. Such never. Good for Mrs. Crotchety.

Have a terrific day at home. :)

Da Old Man said...

Yes, I did.
The woman is slacking off. Complains about her back or leg or something. I try not to pay attention too much.
Plus it would get her in shape for snow shoveling.

f82bfat said...

Nice to hear you got out . Sounds like it is just in time to keep Mrs. Crotchety from lowering you to poverty level. A NEW WOODEN SPOON! Everyone knows they last forever. Mine have been used for back scratchers and dog chews and I still stir dinner just fine with them. Oh well, guess you're just lucky she didn't rent your room out to pay for all the improvements. Take care, and don't lick the paint if your allergic to bananas.

Jessica said...

Glad you are home!

nonamedufus said...

We'll have to start calling you Unmellow Yellow.

00dozo said...

Oh, no! Don't tell me you got home to find a roll of toilet paper in the dispenser? Oh, the horror, the horror!

Welcome home.

(My condolences to Mrs. C.)

Deb said...

Welcome home, Crotchety!

If Mrs. Crotchety needs to get away, I've got an extra room and an unlimited gin supply.

ReformingGeek said...

You can't trust anyone anymore, can you?


Gianetta said...

She did get you a new TV, didn't she? I am so glad you are home.

Marcia from WV said...

Don't you men know we wait for you to leave the house so we can change everything around? Yeah, it's what we do.
Welcome home --

Anonymous said...

welcome home, been meaning to call you, maybe over the weekend so you and Mrs. C can wish me a happy birthday,,,LOL


vanilla said...

Can't lock up the woman. It's not right. But you could lock up the checkbook and the credit cards. ;-)

Unknown said...

If you are trying to wear-out your welcome at home again in world-record time, you have gotten off to a great start.

Janna said...

Careful or she might just whap you a few times with that wooden spoon...

... and then you'd have to buy a new one.


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