Sunday, March 27, 2011

My nephew figured it out

The other day when I was talking to my sister on the phone, my nephew cut in and told me, "Uncle Joe Bob, you need sister wives."

The kid's a genius!!!

I am such a high maintenance gimp that it will take a few to take care of me.

It should take 2 worker wives, 1 housecleaner/assistant cook wife, 1 TV watcher (cartoons especially) wife. The currenr Mrs. C will handle snuggling duties.

What kind of ad should I run, and where?


LL said...

I'm not quite sure what the ad should say... you don't want to promise them all new shovels or rolling pins... that might lead to quarreling. But I do know one thing...

You should run it in a Utah paper.

nonamedufus said...

Wives that are sisters or sisters that are wives? The first I might go for. The second...I'm not so sure. Unless you've got some really hot sisters. I'm sure Mrs C would be thankful either way. Just for the help, right?

ReformingGeek said...

Uh oh. Crotchety's Harem.

BTW, I think there's some property in south Texas where you could set up your


f82bfat said...

How about.."Future widow looking for roommates"..because I think Mrs. C. will probably kill you. No real woman wants to share her "wooden spoons" with any other woman.

Donnie said...

I don't know about the ad, but really, "Uncle Joe Bob?" You sure you're not from my part of the country?

00dozo said...

Having said what you said, I'm surprised your wife hasn't already kicked you in the crutch - oops, I mean crotch.

(be well)

Janna said...

Hurry! If you start claiming insanity and amnesia, Mrs. C. might not kill you for posting this.

"Wow, my head feels weird. I must have been in an alternate universe for awhile. Did I switch places with my COMPLETE OPPOSITE while I was gone? I did? Really? What did he say?"

Anonymous said...

Email Cody from Sister wifes, he could help you write the ad and tell you where to place it. Watch out, Mrs. C might find new uses for that wooden spoon that you will not like. With the ref. to Sister wives and Joe Bob, I think you and your nephew watch too much TLC. (and I must too, since I know the references.)

Gianetta said...

There's something about that show that just gives me the creeps.

Da Old Man said...

@ LL: Mrs. C is quite attached to her tools so I can imagine a bit of quarrelling.

@ Nonamed: Hmmm. I intend them to become "sisters" cewrtainly not her biological sisters. shudders

@ Reffie: Not a cult. I like the term caregivers.

@ f82b: She does tend to be possessive.

@ Donnie: Definately New Jersey. But not like them Guido wannabes on JERSEY SHORE

@ 00dozo: Who said she didn't?

@ Janna: Like I haven't tried that in the past. Went so far as to have a stroke to establish credibility.

@ Rutgers: I know I don't watch too much TV. 11-14 hours a day isn't much, is it?

@ MAFW: Never saw it. My nephew does. I worry about that boy.