Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm drawing a blank

I feel totally blah. Not happy, not unhappy. Don't feel like doing much of anything, except eat chocolate Teddy Grahams. Now the box is empty, so it is back to trying to find things to do to keep myself amused.
Most of my online friends are at work, as are my RW friends.

Daytime TV is boring. I have a new magazine here, but don't feel like reading it.

Isn't even anything I can get in trouble doing. I'm pretty much housebound, so any shenanigans will be my fault. I have no one to blame it on, nor can I claim I wasn't around when it happened.

Million things that have to be done (ok, a million is a hyperbole--can't be more than 359,458 things to do) and I just don't feel like doing them. I had a scare with my blood pressure for a few days, it was ridiculosly high, but that has come down into the normal range. Of course, I used some essential oils to do it, so my home smells like a flower shop. Not exactly a bad thing, and a hell of a lot better than having my head or heart explode, which is definately a bad thing.

I have some classical music playing, which I like a lot. I can't tell the difference between Franz and Mozart, but I don't care. I do like something called the Baroque period, but know so little about it. And I'm not interested enough to even google it.

But what has been on my mind is equity.

Not equality, but equity, that is, everyone getting their fair share.

I don't mean in the Communistic sense, but rather in the way that everyone has a fair chance at the golden ring. Maybe the golden ring isn't the right term, but it will have to suffice for now.

I guess it is on my mind because I know a number of individuals (myself included) who need a hand up. At least temporarily. Yet our system is such that it either gives assistance to individuals that don't need it, or makes those that do need it jump through hoops. Specifically, at this moment, I'm speaking of Social Security. The system is crazy. It takes months for it to kick in. The excuse is that they have to investigate each case. I filled out 14 copies of one form. Why? I have no idea. Another form needed to be filled out at least 3 times. This was so ludicrous since they have all the information readily available already. Talk about a waste of time and money. Someone had to send out and then read all those forms.
Then comes the really crazy part. According to SS, one's income will be limited and it is not on a case by case basis. I used to work with Developmentally Disabled adults. Some of them were able to work part-time. And some of them had to be very careful not to go over the maximum allowable earnings. (around $700 per month) I realize that this may seem like a lot of money to some people, but bear in mind they would not just lose the benefit, they would lose health care. Considering many, if not most of the DD population has much greater than normal health care costs, this can be catastrophic. Unbelievable. Is it not in the best interests of everybody to allow the DD population to earn every penny that they could, and then to simply reduce their benefit? It's not as if they will ever be able to enter the normal work world. And, when one loses a job, it is very difficult to find meaningful employment. Not a lot of openings for the DD population.
I guess where this is leading is universal health care. I was opposed to it for as long time, but I have changed my mind. I have heard all the naysayers, but I am willing to bet that not one of them has ever been in a situation where they did not have health care readily available, or with the ability to pay for it. Many people are in the situation where health care is not affordable. The choice then is to do without. Unless one gets very ill. Then they go into the hospital and are treated, usually at great expense, and they don't have to pay anything. This makes no sense. Preventative care is more logical, and I believe much more cost efficient.
Also, when I look at disabled persons, I wonder how many stay on disability because they need the health care? A few hundred extra per month in a low paying job is no trade off for the loss of health care. I also wonder how much of an impact this will have on illegal immigration? Low paying jobs may be more attractive if health care is available to legal citizens. I'm sure folks who are out of work would be off unemployment sooner if they didn't have to worry about health care. It may be worth reconsidering.