Thursday, March 08, 2007

Munsters or Addams Family

Betty or Wilma? (Wilma) Ginger or MaryAnn (Ginger) These are just a few of the questions guys quiz each other while quaffing various forms of liquid refreshment. I can't imagine two women asking "Fred or Barney?" Women just don't seem to get into these scenarios.
Generally, these can be answered quickly, and a case can't be made to have someone change another's mind. After all, few Betty fans can be persuaded to switch to Wilma, just as no died in the wool Ginger fan will switch because MaryAnn makes a mean Coconut cream pie.

I want to address what may be the greatest of all these, Munsters or Addams Family. Not only is this possibly the greatest question, but it is one that can actually be debated. I've been thinking about this because TVLand now shows the Munsters and the Addams Family every day one after the other. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of both shows.

But I have to decide which is the greatest 60's show.

The Munsters may have had the coolest rides (the Munstermobile and Dragula) but the Addams Family was just better. First, the home was based upon homes from Westfield, NJ. The theme music was just the greatest. Every kid in the 60's knew the words to the theme and at least one off color version of it. Without a doubt, it could be named after hearing just 4 notes.
And the ancilliary characters were awesome. While Grandpa Munster was pretty funny, Uncle Fester was "the man." Who knew more about explosives? Blowing up the toy train set was hilarious.
The Munsters had some sight gags, with all the dust and various ghoulish things around the house, but Gomez on his bed of nails or his torture rack? Humor at its best. And while Eddie Munster had his problems fitting in, Wednesday and Pugsley didn't fit in and were proud of it. If Eddie had trouble at school, Herman and Lilly wanted to help him do better. Boooring. Gomez and Morticia solved the problem by buying their own private school. Everything was just so over the top. The Munsters were a family of freaks trying to fit in, while the Addams Family was a freakish family who made the world adjust to them. The Munsters planned a vacation in the desert, Gomez wanted to go to the moon. For every weird pet the Munsters had, the Addams Family could match it easily. Spot, the unseen pet dragon? Kitty, the often seen lion. A pet bat?

Thing. What could be as cool as Thing? That's right.
Thing stands alone.

It is obvious which is my favorite, and easily the best show. The Addams Family, hands down.