Friday, August 22, 2008

Contest winner; Weekly wrap up

The judges had more trouble with this contest than any to date. Quotes like "This is so tough."

Believe it or not, no two judges picked the same first place caption. The Fly, Scam, Dana, Matt, Rubba, Shadow, Jenn, Gumby, and Scott each received first place votes. So, once again, I had to use the CWVTMORNGAWBSMECWS (TM) system. And the staff of Crochety Old Man World Wide Interplanetary Headquarters and Discount House of Worship has spoken. Well, voted anyway.

Even though they didn't place, or receive any first place votes, multiple points were received by Brazen, Tiggy, Orion, Chica, and LiveLife. So many others received single votes, and I'm too lazy to type them all.

And the winner, due to a combination of a first place vote and numerous place votes is

Unable to come to terms with her jealousy of her prettier and more popular older sister Marcia, Jan Brady's already unhappy life took a turn for the worse.

By Gumby the Cat

He is the winner of the pretigious Zucchini Award, and will have his blog displayed in a position of honor.


Second place goes to Dana, and The Fly takes a very close third. Jenn was just out of the running placing 4th.

Congratulations to all.

Faithful readers will note that since I decided to not blog every day, I have, of course, blogged every day. I'm not sure if that means I lack committment, or am too committed, or should be committed. Any way you look at it, I have committment issues.

I'm waiting to get follow up from entrecard. Someone named Ben sent me a note many hours ago, saying he would look into it. Who knows when anything will get resolved.

Damn techno geeks


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Chat Blanc said...

CONGRATS winners!!

crotchety I'm glad you're still blogging everyday, no matter the reason. btw, if you're going to be committed, request a padded room in the east wing, that's where I'm at.

Da Old Man said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Da Old Man said...

@ Chat: Cool, we can pass noted through the bars.

Da Old Man said...

Oy vay. That should be notes. Alcohol and late nights don't mix. Well, they do, but I forget how to spell.

Unknown said...

Love the caption contest. Love this blog, so much I have nominated you for an award. Please visit my site for details...thanks.

I Miss My Hair

TheFLy said...

Im always so close, haha. Well, at least Im consistently in the top three, haha. I should probably wash all these shot glasses because as you know thats how I prepare for these contests *hiccup* captions *hiccup* things...err

Unknown said...

A special congrats to Gumby! Enjoy that fresh green zucchini! :)

A New Yorker said...

This contest is rigged. I NEVER win or come close and I am the BEST caption writer there is! HARUMPH! :-p

Da Old Man said...

@ Livelife: Thanks, Mike

@ The Fly: Either you drink too much, or too little. Either way, you are close couple weeks in a row.

@ Jenn: That's the spirit of a true competitor. Thanks.

@ Lauren: Never. I have some sense of fair play. Not a lot, but some. You do realize I take bribes, right?

GumbyTheCat said...

Whee! You like me! You really like me! I'd like to thank God, my parents, Crotchety and the judges at the Academy who voted for me...

Da Old Man, I am touched and honored. I plan on taking Jenn's advice and enjoying my zucchini. I'm gonna take that trophy and make zucchini bread outta that sucker!

Da Old Man said...

@ Gumby: Congrats. Zucchini bread is the perfect use.

Anonymous said...

All I care about is that I DIDN'T WIN. I lost to a damn cat!

And I didn't even see what caption the damn cat wrote!!

Whatever it was, I request a re-count of the votes.

Da Old Man said...

@ Dana: It's right in the post I wrote.

shyne said...

Congratulations, Gumby!!!!!!

Share the zucchini bread?????