Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saved at the Bell

I had nothing tonight. So, because I read so many blogs, I've made a bunch of blogging buddies. One of these is Christina (Harley Blues) from
She is a huge Beatles fan. That doesn't even begin to describe her. She is such an uber fan she has been interviewed by Rolling Stone concerning one of her trips in which she saw Sir Paul McCartney.

I wanted to let everyone know about her great blogs. I enjoy reading them, as she mixes some opinion pieces in with her Beatles stories. When you go to check it out, scroll down the left hand side to read about her interview from 2005.

Harley got me thinking about the Beatles. I remember when they first came to America and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.


For youse younguns, Ed Sullivan was the equivalent of... nothing today is like Ed Sullivan was. Think Geraldo, combined with Letterman, and Leno, and maybe you have the impact of Sullivan. He owned Sunday night. Everyone watched Ed.

Anyway, the Beatles landed in New York, and Beatlemania swept the USA.

I never saw the Beatles in person, but I did see the tribute to them (Beatlemania) on Broadway. It might have been at the at the Wintergarden Theater. It was back in the 80's so I don't remember the theater, just that it was blistering hot inside, and I fell asleep.

But what I remembered was pretty good. It was an attempt to relive the years gone by, as they had a screen in the background flashing some of the important events that took place during the time the Beatles took over the music world. And, the artists performing were excellent.

I'm not going to tell you all the stats, how many records sold, how many gold records, etc. I'll leave that up to an expert like Harley. But I will tell you, Rocky Raccoon (from the White Album) would be on my list of records I'd need with me if I were ever marooned on a desert island.
Rock on!

They all live in a yellow submarine at


Bradley said...

I can't believe someone loves Rocky Raccoon as much as I do. I think the song is so underrated. It's one of my top singing in the shower tunes.

Da Old Man said...

@ Bradley: My daughter and I used to do a mean duet. Not in the shower, though. :)

HawgWyld said...

Heh. Listened to Rubber Soul all day at work.

What a band. We'll never see their like again.

My aunt, by the way, grew up in San Diego. Saw the Beatles live when she was a kid. She tells me she couldn't hear a note and she was so far away from the stage that the Beatles looked tiny.

But she was there, man!

Visit The Natural State Hawg!

Unknown said...

GERALDO??? Man, maybe those nuns did whack you on the head with Maxwell's Silver Hammer once or twice too often?

Unknown said...

"Go, Rocky boy..."

My favorite line from the Beatles film "Help!":

"Someone's been in this soup..."

Da Old Man said...

@ The Hawg: Absolutely. They were amazing.

@ Fishhawk: Well, Geraldo did draw a pretty big crowd when he opened Al Capone's vault.

@ Jenn: I vaguely remember seeing the movie in the theater in downtown New Brunswick, NJ. A Hard Day's Night has been on TV a lot of times in the last month, BTW. Haven't seen Help in years.

I feel really old, today. :(

A New Yorker said...

Well duh because we ALL live in a yellow submarine.

Da Old Man said...

@ lauren: True dat.

Kirsten said...

I love love love the Beatles! The closest I came to seeing them in concert was seeing Paul in concert. One of the best shows ever!!

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: I am so jealous. The commercials for Beatlemania said it was like they were there, almost. Does that count?

Unknown said...

Hey thanx for the shout out Old man~ I'm feelin what you wrote yeah check out my blog people I have some great vids posted, info and other crap!

thanx Old man~ Oh yeah and one of my biggest accomplishments being interviewed by Rolling Stone mag~ cuz I'm cool like that lol