Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time for Some Politics

I try to remain apolitical. Sure, I do rant from time to time about issues, but as far as choices, I don't push an agenda for a few reasons.

I've been involved in politics for many years, and I have learned that most folks have their minds made up long before any issues are even discussed.

Yesterday, on the heels of the Democratic National Convention, Republican candidate John McCain announced his running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. Naturally, the blogosphere is exploding with opinions of this choice.

I enjoy reading opinions, even if I don't agree with them.

But damn, nothing drives me more crazy than really stupid opinions.

I know opinions are like Photobucket.

Everyone has one, and most of them stink.

Anyway, the discussion was about the choice by McCain. And here's the way it went. I swear I'm not making this up.

Them: "I disagree with the choice."

Me: "Why."

Them: "I don't know who she is."

Me: "She is very popular in her state."

Them: "She can't be that popular because I never heard of her."

OK, quickly. How many state governors can you name?

That's right, all but the most politically astute can name maybe 2 or 3 state governors. Yet, her not being well known means what? The middle of a donut.

Then, here's where it gets good, women started indicating she can't be pro family values and hold a job.

How friggin' 1950's.

My mother raised 2 kids while running a business with my father. (how well we turned out is still up for debate, though my sister and I have both managed to stay felony free, have college degrees, and raised families of our own. I'd say mission accomplished.)

My sister is raising a kid while working full-time. Hell, most women with families that I know work full time. That family values argument is so much BS.

Lastly, one woman (I swear these are women living in 2008) was concerned about Ms. Palin's child who has Down's. Talk about intrusive. Photobucket

Have women become such lemmings that they don't think they are capable of deciding what is best for one's own family? Can't they recognize a strong woman? Can't they have faith in a person to know what is best?

I'm not a huge McCain fan, and I really dislike Obama. But damn, I think I don't think I ever admired a public person more than:


Hubba Hubba

If she plays her cards right, she could become the official crush of this blog, replacing Martha Stewart.

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A New Yorker said...

Fantastic post.

Da Old Man said...

@ lauren: Thanks

Anonymous said...

I know it's not caption this Wednesday but I got one anyway for the picture of Gov Palin.

Somewhere Bill(Bubba)Clinton is wondering "Now, where did I put that box of cigars?"

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Crotchety. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Crotchety, there are no stupid opinions. There are only stupid people, with opinions. Opinions which are-oh. Yeah, you're right. I guess there are stupid opinions. What was I thinking, right?

TheFLy said...

Well, my opinion is that McCain doesnt even know her so how does he know that she is capable.

However, all I really want to say is that, damn! She is smokin' hot! I want her to be in my cabinet, haha.

buzz buzz

Unknown said...

Well, I think her glasses make her look real dignified, and dignity is something that we need much more of in this country!!! (My wife wouldn't let me submit what I really wanted to say.)

Unknown said...

Awww Damn. I can't stand those freakin women. I think it's been a loooong debate...I still get it to this day, even from my kids teachers. That because I have a career and work 60 hour weeks, I can't be a good in tuned Mom. All I have to say is that to these "perfect women" that judge, Grow some boobs (in place of balls) and give it a try. They judge because they can't do it themselves..

Anonymous said...

She's very smart looking. I don't trust myself to trust that and I don't think you should either. She may've put the whammy on you. . .ooo....whammy!

shyne said...

What a gutsy choice! I'm so pleased McCain took a chance rather than do the same ol we've come to expect from so many politicians.
Maybe this was a mistake, maybe not....time will tell.

I can honestly say if I had any doubts about whom I'd vote for, they're now gone.
McCain and Palin.....:-)

Anonymous said...

Adding Palin to the mix is definitely going to shake things up. I look forward to see how the campaigns snipe at each other now.

Chat Blanc said...

I seriously cannot imagine how any woman with five kids does it all including work. I'm in awe (out of respect) cuz I know I could never do it. The more I read and hear about Palin the more I love her.

Kirsten said...

Okay, a lot of bloggers seem to have a crush on Palin! Luckily for me, Joe Biden is a total HOTTIE!!!!

Da Old Man said...

@ MA: I'm sure.

@ Ryan: :)

@ lucy: lol

@ The Fly: Her hotness factor is good enough for me.

@ Fishhawk: Yeah, I already got smacked in the head for posting her picture.

@ Dani: I'll be honest, you were one of the women I had in mind when those others were saying that nonsense. You're a professional, and raising a large family, and from what I read, doing a damn fine job. They are so out of touch with life today.

@ Matt: I know, just from looking at her, she's smarter than me, and I can be easily whammified.

@ Shyne: It's funny. Same old, and he gets a load of crap. New direction, and he gets a load of crap. I see a pattern.

@ munch: It will be interesting, guaranteed.

@ Chat: While she is doing it in the public eye, plenty of women do it every day. It's amazing. Back when I worked, I could barely get my butt off the couch after work.

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: That's kinky. Who knew you were into decrepit old men?

HawgWyld said...

You tell 'em! My mother, a psychologist, raised two kids and worked full time. What a radical idea -- a woman can have a career and a family.

The next thing you know, they might even be able to go out and vote.

Geez. Some of these arguments against Palin just border on ridiculous.

Maybe that's exactly why McCain picked her.

Visit The Natural State Hawg!

The Times Observer said...

It's interesting that McCain picked Palin. I think he picked her just to counteract Obama. Her sex and youthful appearance will help, as I wrote in my blog. She doesn't have too much experience when it comes to Washington, but I have to admit, she's done well for herself.

Being a governor is nothing to sneeze at and she's stood up to her own party members and helped bring a few down. That's the type of person we need in Washington.

Malcolm said...

Disagreeing with the choice of Sarah Palin because one doesn't know who she is makes no sense. Find out where Palin stands on the issues and then decide whether or not McCain made the right choice. As for Palin working while raising a family (including a child with Down's), this should be admired not called into question.

Da Old Man said...

@ The Hawg: They just seem to be reaching for anything. Grasping at straws, so to speak. My new favorite is the "Troopergate." From what I read of this "scandal" every woman in America would do exactly the same, along with most of the men.

@ Times: Every VP candidate ever has been chosen for exactly that reason, or to supplement the party. One never sees a Pres/VP that are identical. The idea is to achieve balance.

Da Old Man said...

@ Malcolm: Exactly. I don't care if someone disagrees with her policies and idealogies. But to condemn her as they did is just silly.

Bill said...

A beautiful woman with balls. The perfect combo. Too bad she's Republican. (Hey don't sweat it, I'm Canadian so I can't vote anyway.)

Unknown said...

We (women) are much more sexist (towards ourselves AND men) than we go on about men being... it's really rather disgusting.
These same women would go on about how self-centred she was being if she DIDN'T have a child. How come we never see people go on and on about men who work and have children? To me, that either implies an attitude that men don't take care of their children anyway (anti-man), or that men are capable of a job and children while women are not (anti-woman)... either way it's not good!

Da Old Man said...

@ Bill: LOL

@ Shadow: And you brought up a tremendous point. Biden, the Democrat, lost his wife and baby in a car accident. His 2 sons were hospitalized. He went to work 2 hours away. And this is a non issue. But a woman is entrusting her child's care to the baby's dad, and it's an issue? WTF?

Rubba said...

VPILF . . .

Finally. . . A good lookin' republican. . lol

Da Old Man said...

@ Rubba: I heard you used to have a thing for Spiro Agnew.

Rubba said...

lmao. . .

Calhoun was smokin' too. . . :-0

Kelly Ann said...

And she was born in Idaho! That's about all I know. :D

Da Old Man said...

@ Rubba: Rory?

@ Chica: I'm sure we will learn more as the days pass.

This Brazen Teacher said...

Crotchety: Over time it's become apparent you and I see reside on different sides of the El Politico Fence.

That being said- teachers appreciate BRAINS. Not brains that agree (at least not the good teachers) but just BRAINS. I'm of the opinion that you have one.

Not so (as you said) of many bloggers out there. I seem to bob back and forth between a deep love for my fellow humans- and disgust for the sheep that they can become.

While I don't like what Gov. Palin stands for in any sense of the word- she sure gets more respect from me- then her critics- which are largely deplorable.

Gail Alexander said...

What was that you said about opinions? I liked your graphic!

I know very little about Palin. I think it is great that she is attractive, wears glasses, runs, is a mother, and that she has a career. There seems to be some controversy about her youngest child.

I don't have high opinions about any politician (power corrupts!) -- I guess I am getting jaded as I get older.

The one thing that I do have against her is that I have heard (here-say that I need to reevaluate) that she is an anti-environmentalist and she supports the killing of wolves. My opinion is that the wolves are intelligent carnivores and deserve their place in nature. They are, after all, related to our precious doggy friends).

I have no ill-will towards her. Her entry into the presidential race again brings a woman into the spotlight as a serious contender for the White House. Hopefully she is an improvement over Hillary (another opinion!).

Da Old Man said...

@ Brazen: I totally agree with you. I don't care how someone votes, or what they stand for, as long as they know why they do. We probably won't agree on much politically, and that's fine, because I am positive you can defend your position. BTW, I'm all over the map idealogically. While I tend to lean toward Conservativism, I'm far from 100%. In fact, I tend to change my view as new information comes forth.

@ Gail: I want to find out more, of course, but so far she seems to be ok. One thing, often, where one lives colors how they think. Ak is the wilderness, so she probably has views of nature different than many of us.
Personally, I am happy the choice isn't a career politician.

Gail Alexander said...

I agree with you - I am happy that she is not a career politician (like Hillary). I think I know what you mean about people's attitude toward nature and wildlife. My greatgrandfather was a farmer and he hated most wildlife: snakes, crows, foxes, coyotes, groundhogs, etc. His fear of snakes was irrational, however, since snakes are really helpful (they eat rodents).

Anonymous said...

Well..Crotchety, I totally agree with you. I have seen some of the most ridiculous arguments too.

Plus the stupid remark of saying "she ain't no Hilary Clinton". I for one am glad there's no comparison, other then they are both female.

Please don't lump up all women with the women who made these statements!

Most women that I know back up Sarah Palin all the way, because she is real, lives a real life, and isn't afraid to say how she feels and what she believes in and then stand on it... Great Post!

Da Old Man said...

@ Gail: I know snakes are beneficial, but they still bug the crap out of me.

@ K: Thanks. I don't lump everyone together. I have faith that people will vote based upon whom they feel is the best for the job. It doesn't matter if they agree with me or not, just so they vote for the person, not as a response to something illogical.

savvy said...

Disappointed on this one, my friend, unless this is your patented tongue in cheek approach. Looking at this simply through the prism of suitability, I have to believe a better candidate could have been chosen. I am not excited by either candidate, but can't help but feel that the last 8 yrs have been a disaster, especially after the 8 very good Clinton years, and John McCain is likely to continue along the same path. Obama... who knows, but the possibility of hope remains for me with him, especially after picking Joe Biden as his VP candidate.


Da Old Man said...

@ Savvy: It's ok to disagree unless you are disputing her hubba hubba factor. She's right up there in Martha Stewart territory for me.
If she wins the election, she will become the official crush. You read it here first.

savvy said...

Oh yeah, I'd hit that!

FlowerGirl said...

Ok... I haven't even read all of this post carefully, but I think I'm crushing on Palin as well... She's just the kinda firecracker that sets me off...

Martha Stewart? Are you serious and for real?