Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Skanky Leg Update and Awards

Mrs. Crotchety got out the camera, and took a beautiful shot of my leg in all its ooey, gooey splendor. I put in a link so it doesn't hit anyone unexpectedly.

It was worse the other day, but unfortunately, she didn't snap the photo.

The blog did win a couple awards this week, and I am very appreciative.

First, from Skye at Ramblings of a Writer


Skye's blog is well-crafted, and a good read.

Next comes from a blog I discovered recently: Ethan from The Natural State Hawg
The blog is witty, and the man has a gift for naming cats. The blog is loaded with lessons that should be common sense, but seem lacking in too many folks today.

From him I got the

Now, everyone knows these awards come with all kinds of stipulations, and have so many numbers attached to them, I get confused. And everyone also knows I have stopped passing them out fully because I have received a lot lately. No offense intended, as I do a "Reader's Digest" abbreviated version. So, what I do like to do is use this as an opportunity to showcase some blogs that I have been enjoying lately.
I do read every blog on my blogroll nearly every day, so they already have the Crotchety Seal of Approval. That and 5 bucks will get you a nice coffee at Starbucks. But I will guarantee every one is a good read, or I will refund every penny you paid for my advice.

Now, without further ado, here are some of the blogs I've been reading, and, with no obligation on their part, I'd like to present them with whichever award makes them happier. They all deserve both.

Don at Beyond Left Field Great satire.

Lauren at Can You Be a Part of My Life She's smart, she's funny, she's beautiful. The big debate is whether or not she looks like Jenna Fischer from The Office. 'Nuf said.

Rob at Did I Miss Something? Rob writes 4 different blogs, and they are all good.

Lastly, Lisa, the Work at Home Mom
What a great site. She researches work at home opportunities so parents can stay at home and raise their children.

And finally, ending this jam-packed Monday edition--

Yesterday's "What is it?" No one guessed. I tried to find it in action, but I couldn't. But here's a similar model being used.

All the cool kids hang at:


MYM said...

omg...that egg splitter is just nasty! lol ... Who the hell thinks of this stuff!

I didn't look at the leg link...but I'm glad you're doing better.

Congrats on the awards :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo...nice leg pic...Yummy...

Bradley said...

Sorry about the legs. They really look bad, but I'm glad you are coming around.

The good news is that the leg is not nearly as disgusting as that damn egg separator.

A New Yorker said...

HEY, thanks super duper much for the awards. You'll see them and something for YOU this week at my blog :-) OH and apparently to add to your description of me and my blog I also "have some mouth on me" HEEHEE! I'll have to check out those links you posted during the day.

Da Old Man said...

@ Drowsey: The egg thing is darn funny. Thanks for the awards

@ Dani: Thanks :)

@ Bradley: True

@ Lauren: That's the word on the street. LOL. I'll be by in a little while.

Rubba said...


Oh shit. . . Was this another Caption This?. . . :-0

Cool egg separator . . lol

Da Old Man said...

@ Rubba: No, caption this is on Wednesdays. The leg isn't a cut/wound or anything. It just happened. :o

Chat Blanc said...

ewwwwww! lol! sorry but both the leg and the egg separator are kinda icky! :P But, I do hope the leg heals up. Congrats on your awards and a big WOOHOO for the blogs you recommended today. :)

Unknown said...

Skanky-- it's a very New Jersey word. And no, I still don't want to see your skanky leg photos.

I like to think I can offer you sympathy about it without actually bearing witness to it.

Da Old Man said...

@ Sandy: Thanks. More than once, Mrs.C has claimed I'm like perenially 12, and so I'm just fascinated by gross things.

@ Jenn: No need to see it, and I appreciate your good wishes. But I post the photos for 2 real reasons:
1. I believe everyone should see what diabetes can do
2. It looks kinda cool in a very gross way.

Jack Payne said...

Yeah, Crotchety, you are king of the Egg Domain. I wonder if Humpty Dumpty was pushed.

Da Old Man said...

@ Jack: Thanks. The King's men were guilty, guilty, I tell you. I just want to know why the horses tried to put Humpty back together. They don't even have opposable thumbs. It's like they wanted poor Humpty dead.

Anonymous said...

That thing was an egg separator?? ROFL!

Sorry about the leg, that looks nasty. Normally I'd say pack it with icing sugar or medical grade manuka honey and wrap it loosely, but with you being diabetic, you'd want to check that with a doctor first. I've healed up very nasty open wounds on the kids like that, but they were young and healthy.

I'll go check out the blogs later! Congrats on the awards!

Da Old Man said...

@ jay: Yup. And Shyne and Flowergirl were so close to guessing, I really thought one of them would have hit it. Thanks.

lot 2 learn said...

Thank you very much for the award. It's my first one ! My wife said " I'm so proud, where's the TV remote ? " You have the blog that I read first every day, so it means a lot. Thanks.

Da Old Man said...

@ Lot 2learn: Glad to pass it to you. Your blogs are must reads for me every day.

shyne said...

LOL....picky, picky, picky!
A separator is a separator is a separator!!!


Da Old Man said...

@ Shyne: I told you the guess was close.

shyne said...

LOL, Crotchety....I was just funnin' with ya.

I'm sorry to see the wound on your leg....:-(

FlowerGirl said...

Man, why didn't I guess that!!!! Oh, yeah, I don't like eggs... I can't believe it. That's really gross...