Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A 27th World championship comes to the Bronx

I am absolutely positive that the Yankees will win it all this year. Here's how it will all unfold in the last part of the season:
The Yankees have to make up a three game deficit. No problem. They have 11 games left with the Sox, piece of cake. Just have to win 6 of those. That puts us 2 games out. Somewhere along the way, the Sox are due for a losing streak of a few games and the Yankees are long overdue for a big winning streak. So, the Yankees win the pennant (again.) This Yankees team is just built for the playoffs. They have three strong starters-Randy (My Last Hurrah) Johnson, Mike Mussina, and my favorite "The Wanger." The bullpen will be straightened out by playoff time, Dotal will be back and then the real Mr. October, Derek Jeter, will be hitting his stride. A-Rod will look like the MVP that he is, while Sheff and Godzilla will be smashing the ball like usual.

Get ready for the parade in the Canyon of Heroes.


savvy said...

As George Bush would say, I live in the "reality based world", so in that world, Johnson's peebrain and his fragile psyche implode at the wrong time, A-Hole shows why he will never be a winner, the bullpen wears out, and the Sox win the division by 2 games..

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