Friday, July 21, 2006

I do like a good commercial

I'm not going to say that I like watching the same commercials for the umpteenth time, but I do appreciate some well made commercials. For example, I really like the Banker's Pen commercials for Wamu Bank. Yes, I hate banks and bankers as much as ever, but I like the commercials. They are usually funny, and a few are clever. Super Bowl time does produce some really incredible ones, also. Again, the best ones are unique and as long as they don't get repeated over and over, I accept them as a necessary and sometimes entertaining evil.
On the radio, I absolutely get a kick out of the Budweiser "Real Men of Genius" spots. Again, they can be very humorous "We salute you Mr. giant toilet paper roll inventor," or "Mr. Taco Salad Inventor."
But I need to know who ever came up with the campaign for OnStar on the radio? What the hell is up with those commercials? It's a frantic mother, screaming that her child is locked in the car and the Mom reacts as if the kid was being consumed by a giant squid. I mean, cut me a break, lady. The car has glass windows, so she can see the kid, and if absolutely necessary break the windows to rescue the kid. Ok, I suppose if she doesn't do anything within a few hours, we could have a dangerous situation, but talk about over reactions. Oy vey.
And then you have the idiot in an accident. So your car crashed. Everybody is ok. Instead the person starts crying and carrying on. I don't want to buy OnStar, I want to slap the crap out of the people in the commercials. Is that the reaction OnStar wanted?