Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Baseball Gene

The preponderance of Jr.'s in the game today makes me wonder about whether the ability to play the game is inherent in one's genes.
Think of all the families such as the Boone's (3 generations totalling 4 players) the Griffey's, Bonds', Barfields', Fielders', Mathews' and who knows how many more.

It makes me wonder about the nature vs nurture question. Does the son of a major leaguer have an advantage due to his genes, or is it because Dad can pave the way by showing Jr. just what to do to make the majors?

Couple that with teams would probably look closer at the son of a star player than at some nobody.

But, by the same token, shouldn't there be a bunch of Mantles and DiMaggios running around?

What about Hank Aaron? Both he and his brother made it to the show, and neither had a kid (or grandkid) in the game.
Seems like somebody should be doing a thesis on this.

By the way, Yankees traded for Abreu and Lidle today.


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