Friday, July 28, 2006


Last night I watched a new reality show on TV. Ok, I hate most reality TV. I do like the Amazing Race because it shows a lot of the world, including things few people would get to see otherwise. And, of course, Last Comic Standing is great because it is a lot of standup, which I like.
But American Idol, Survivor, So you think you can dance, and the untold scores of other shows-well, I don't care and I don't even tune in to see how much I hate them.
Last night, Stan "The Man" Lee, launched his show, "So You Want to Be a Superhero!"
I tuned in because it looked to be so crazy, I thought I might like it.
I loved it. It is insane. Ok, the show isn't insane, but the people on it are.

And Stan Lee is still so 1950's corny that it works. I can't explain it. Even the Mrs. loved the show, which is unusual for her to like anything. She's the "Mikey" of TV viewers. How was that for a corny 70's reference?

Anyway, these goofy dozen people have become Superheroes with their own home-made costumes. They have "superpowers" and the winner will star in a movie and their own comic book. They have a "lair" which is in an old warehouse. The show only goes for another 5 weeks, so I'm guessing that they will eliminate 2 per week.

And the characters are pretty lame. A fat, black woman who eats donuts to get her power (I forgot what it was) and Monkey Girl who is kind of hot. She throws bananas at people, I think.

Some other hot chicks and a couple guys who the Mrs. really liked. She said they were good looking, and I have to go with her instincts as I can't tell. That's a story for another blog entry, though.

Anyway, the bottom line is that the show is pretty good. Corny enough to make you wince, but the cast is weird enough to keep you entertained.