Thursday, July 27, 2006

A diverse diversity

I was watching Fox News this morning. I know, it's more like infotainment, but I do like Jodi Applegate and Lucy Noland. So, if I'm getting bits of slanted news, I'd rather get it from really good looking women. That's how I roll.
Anyway, they interviewed a local politician concerning a crime in the community. Apparently, some fake blood was thrown on a building flying an Israeli flag, and a note was left nearby saying it was represenattive of the innocent Lebanese blood being shed. Ok, decent story so far. But then they got the local councilwoman to comment. She obviously had prepared for thids moment on TV. Her statement was that this "was a community of diverse diversity."

She actually thought about it, and that was her statement?

Just out of curiosity, is there any other kind of diversity?

I always had hoped that a community leader was one of the most intelligent people in the community. I truly hope that this particular woman is not one of the most intelligent in her community.


Da Old Man said...

My day was totally brightened.