Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bosses from Hell

I was reading about some bad bosses yesterday, and I started thinking about some that I had. I've had quite a few. My train of thought was probably tied in to the Willie Randolph firing. Even Jon Stewart thought it was beyond crazy how they fired him.

On to my bosses from hell.

I worked for a Fortune 100 company, and my boss would bring me in her office for a 2 hour review/dressing down. Then, a half hour later, would review my work accomplished so far, and get angry that I hardly accomplished anything despite having been there for a few hours. Once, she asked to go to the men's room and get another employee who was taking too long. She was in a hurry and wanted to fire him before she took her break. It was in the collection department, and she had all of us making phone calls on delinquent accounts on Christmas Eve. What a sweetheart.

Two, in particular were so awful, I have never heard of anyone as bad as them.
I worked in an auto parts store about 20 years ago. My boss was a nut who constantly complained about how messy my parts books were that I kept under the counter.

I wouldn't clean it up because the books were fine, I knew where everything was.

His solution?


Yup, he set fire to the counter where the books were.

I left, and never went back.

But, believe it or not, he wasn't the worst boss I ever had.

The worst boss I ever had was at a social service agency.

The bitch, not very affectionately known behind her back as the Succubus, was one for the ages. I used to get written up and sent to HR every few weeks. It wasn't bad enough that she made things up; she wasn't even good at it.

I'm disabled, and walk with crutches, or use a wheelchair. She wrote me up one time because I didn't volunteer to carry 6 feet long tables across a grassy lot. Bear in mind, it wasn't part of my job, it was an extra, totally volunteer assignment. I went in to HR, he said what the complaint was, I just looked at my crutches leaning against the wall. He said I could go back to my desk. LOL.

In my last few months at the agency, she wrote me up and requested I be terminated every payday, which was every other week. So, like clockwork, I would go in to the head of HR, and answer the lies she made up. Because the company was so screwed up, it was fine for the Succubus to lie about me every other week. Go figure.

Added to that, she was one of the most racist people alive. She was black, and referred to white people as "Massa" and "Crackers." The Succubus was the worst boss I ever had. I don't know if I have read or heard of any more horrible than her.


Who is the worst boss you ever had?

No bosses were harmed in the making of this post, but some should have been.


Outside My Brain said...

Well, I haven't had that many bosses, fortunately, the way you make it sound. Yikes! I'll have to get my wife (Truthoughts) over here. She's got so many stories, it could fill a book.

BTW - Your digg system seems to be a little whacked. When I went to digg this story, it came up as the "looking for love" story... Or, is that your sinister ploy to get a whole bunch of votes for the love story? *he says with tongue in cheek*

~*~Shadow.Kat~*~ said...

Wow, you definitely did have some psychos!
I was going to tell you about my ex-bosses, but after noticing I wrote close to half a page, I decided I'll post it in my blog instead. :-P

Da Old Man said...

@Outside my Brain: Digg has been wonky for me.

@ Shadow: Can't wait to read it.

Shawie said...

oh wow! I only been to 3 different companies so far back in Asia... all of them were Taiwanese... I never learned their language so good and I'm grateful for least, I don't understand their complains, hahaha!

shyne said...

My worst boss was a creampuff compared to yours.
Maybe I should write him a thank you note.......nah.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post so much I had to submit to LOL

The worse boss I ever had was working with my hubby ROFLMAO

savvy said...

Ah,the Succubus, good times!