Friday, November 07, 2008

Caption Winners and Important Update for Chocolate winners

I'll do the update first. All the chocolate was sent out Priority mail by Monday afternoon. It should arrive today at the latest. If you don't have it by today, please send me a note using my email on the sidebar. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate knowing that it was received, too, just so I can stop calling the Spawn every day and going over the list again. I had every winner's address except one. I will contact that lucky winner seperately, as she is rather busy being a Soccer Mom and all that. Notice I respect her privacy because we know how those blonde Pimped out Soccer Mom's can get. One international parcel came back, so it is going back out as apparently the Spawn mixed up a digit in the address.

Now, on to the contest.

The missus wanted a red convertible.. so I got 'er one.
by Chica X

She is the winner of the prestigious


Chica received the most first place votes, but LL, Carrie, The Hawg and Shadow also scored first place votes. Multiple points were also tallied by Kirsten, Offended, Matt, Fly, Mike, Marvel Goose, Dad the Dude, and Tahtimbo.

LL came in second, and The Hawg was third.

Thank you to everyone for participating. The judges did complain and stated they were very sad anytime anyone made fun of me. They were truly hurt. (Ed. Note: Not really. They like when you make fun of Crotchety)

Official 100% True (you can look it up)
Greenland Fact of the Day
Greenland is divided into four time zones


Kelly Ann said...


eve cleveland said...

Chica, atta girl! That sounds just like somethin old man would say... you know, I hope you're not payin' Spawn over $100,000 a year to do your bidding. Oh,I'd love to hear her blog about you! GUEST BLOGGER, SPAWN!

Da Old Man said...

@ Chica: Fine job. Great captions. Enjoy your zucchini

@ Eve: The Spawn would simply tell you that her Dad is just a swell guy, and a joy to be around. Don't need a whole post for that. And Mrs. Crotchety would say the same thing, so it's like you got a double bonus post today.

A New Yorker said...

I agree FINALLY with your winning choice. That is a funny caption. If you move your caption this to Friday rrrrrrrrrrr. I have a caption this contest going on today. Hope your visitors will come by. :-) I am giving away a total of 275 entrecard points for three winners. Please stop by funny people. And this time Crotchety you can win too!

Anonymous said...

LOL... Way to go, Chica... I don't remember seeing that caption the other day - so it was nice and fresh and made me come close to spitting nice hot tea all over my keyboard just now. ;-)

Unknown said...

Chica's was a GREAT caption! Woo and hoo!!

Kirsten said...

Sorry for the late address thing! I think I've been filling my pimp cup up too much lately.
Congrats to chica! That was a hard one!

Chat Blanc said...

Way to go CHICA! :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Lauren: My panle of judges do a fine job every week. This week, we had exceptional captions.

@ Shadow: It was a great one. Glad you got a rebound effect from it.

@ Jenn: It did deserve both exclamations of woo and hoo.

@ Kirsten: It's all good

@ Chat: Always so gracious. BTW, awesome contest on your blog this week.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chica! Woot!!

Joe, I haven't gotten my chocolate yet, but I'm sure it will come tomorrow. I'll let ya know. :D

LL said...

Waitaminute... there was a contest?

Chica's was definitely the best caption. I laughed for a long time at that one. Enjoy the zucchini.

Da Old Man said...

@ Angie: Thanks

@ LL: Yes. It was huge.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

COngrats to the winners!

Janna said...

I just checked my mail today... still no chocolate.
The hostages are getting restless.

Meanwhile, I'll just pass the time by cleaning cobwebs with my blowtorch.

Janna said...

So, if I posted a little note on my mailbox saying "Leave the chocolate and I might let some of the hostages live," do you think that might work?

Or... could it backfire horribly?

Guess there's one way to find out.