Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Two for Tuesday

First, I'd like to say I hope everyone is going to vote today. Just once, please. Vote for whomever you think will do the best job, I just hope your decision is based on who you think will do the best job, not based upon anything else. Most regulars know who I'm supporting, and that's not important since I doubt anyone will change a vote based upon me.

On to the important stuff.

Today is Two for Tuesday, and I thought I'd like to share a few of the many blogs I read. On average, I click on a few hundred blogs a day, and I read all of them. Since many are not updated every day, I can skim over a lot, so I don't read all 250 every day, but probably read at least 100 per day. Yeah, I have no life.

Anyway, here is one I have been reading lately is Kirsten of Suburban Psychosis http://suburbanpsychosis.blogspot.com/ While her posts lately have been political in nature (like that's unusual. I'm probably 2 political blog posts away from Photobucket ) Her posts are very well written, and showcase her great sense of humor. She did recently tag me, but I'm sure she'll understand that I've been tagged more than the worst guy in Fight Club, so I'll pass. I do appreciate the recognition, though.
And the next blog I want to highlight is one that is becoming a real favorite for me. Eve of That's Funny Because. http://www.thatsfunnybecause.blogspot.com/ Eve has created her own unusual world, and shares stories from it with a bit of homespun country fried humor.
I hope everyone takes a minute to check these out. I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the caption contest. I hope to see you then.

Official 100% True (you can look it up)
Greenland Fact of the Day
Literacy rate 100%
I guess when you have 1 TV channel, and nothing to do but hunt seals, may as well read a book



eve cleveland said...

Old Man!
Let me be the first to say that you still got plenty a good sense when it comes to what's funny. You tickle me everyday, and that is when I am oft the clock. Thank you, Darlin. You are far better to me than I deserve. But, um, don't stop now..

A New Yorker said...


Chat Blanc said...

You're totally right, Eve rocks and I'll go check out Suburban Psychosis. I'm game for anything with a title that includes a loose reference to a mental illness. ;)
craxy <------me :D

Unknown said...

That Eve, she shore duz have u talent fer writin' with a good ol' hometown sutthern twang, now, doesn't she?

(Disclaimer: above was the no frills store brand of the kind of dialect Eve can do, as I don't have that talent.... And am also from New Jersey.) :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Eve: You rock, kiddo.

@ Lauren: Excellent

@ Chat: You won't be disappointed

@ Jenn: Good faux Southern accent, for a Jersey girl. I've heard you do a credible Seigfried and Roy/German tourist, also. But that's just the word on the street

Kirsten said...

I'm voting today. If only to cancel my husband's vote out, but that's neither here nor there.
Wow! 100% literacy? Even their babies can read!

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: Greenland has the world's smartest babies.

Anonymous said...

I voted too! And I totally agree with you that Eve of That's Funny Because totally rocks!!

Da Old Man said...

@ Angie: Sweet. And yes, she does. :)