Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crotchety's Bucket List

Everyone knows what a "bucket list" is, and if you don't, it's a list of all one hopes to accomplish before kicking the bucket.

It's funny that the list changes as one ages.

At 18, mine was pretty much full of great things, with a tremendous upside: it included such things as dating super models (I loved Cheryl Tiegs,) backpacking over Europe, writing the great American novel, inventing something to change the world, and becoming filthy rich with my fleet of Ferraris.

I didn't do any of that stuff, though I did date a girl named Cheryl, went to Pennsylvania for a week, read some comic books, acquired a couple Indian head pennies, and currently own two Toyotas.

I'd say I came up kind of short.

It's time to revisit, and revise my list. I need to make it more realistic, and to have more defined goals. Maybe I screwed up and didn't accomplish anything of note because my list was too generalized.

After much thought, here it is, the 2009 version of my bucket list:

1. Go to Pittsburgh, and have a sandwich at Primanti's. How many times can I watch Food Network go there and do a show about one of the greatest sandwiches ever?

Now, this ties in with one of my other items

2. Attend a game at every MLB park. I need to attend a Pirates game, so, I can time it to do both, see a game, and have a sandwich.

3. Buy a classic car, and attend car shows. I've always wanted a '57 Chevy or a '50 Mercury street rod. I'd like to drive it to a show, and just hang with other motorheads.

It's a pretty short list. Suggestions are welcomed to add to it.


Anonymous said...

The Primanti's, I believe, is being taken care of for The Wife and me later this Spring when Jenn Thorson is coming to visit. She's bringing Primanti's or so I've been told. I'm with you on three as well, but No. 2, I saw the Yankees at Yankees Stadium once. That was good enough for me. :)

Anonymous said...

I got one for you. Visit my blog and leave a comment! :-)

I'm just messin' with ya. I like your goal to visit every MLB ballpark. It would be fun to learn about the history of each one as you do it. I've never heard of The Primanti's, but I'll make sure to document that, because I'm making a list of all places in the world that I want to visit.

Unknown said...

As bucket lists go, that one ain't bad, man. I would love to try that sandwich--it is stuffed with fries and slaw, right? And I am a huge baseball fan (though I root for the Bosox).

Good luck on attaining your goals!


Nicole said...

Don't forget I did bring you back pictures from Yankees Spring Training so you can cross that one off your list-it was pretty much like you were there. Coming to visit me in Philly would be as close as getting to the stadium as you would want to get. Besides you don't care for most teams that are green or red anyway. Grease Trucks I'm sure beats Primanti's any day =)

Adullamite said...

I wish I had a bucket!

Michelle said...


Nuff said!!!!

Happy Sunday Old Man!

Unknown said...

I don't make a bucket list because I would be too disappointed. I just want to make through the Grands teen years in one sane piece.

Unknown said...

Back when I was young, we were too poor to have a bucket. We tried to make one out of dirt once, but it proved less than desirable for carrying water. So, we had to stick to carrying water in our hats, which were called metal pots by the guy on the wagon.

ReformingGeek said...

Hey, when you come to Arlington to see the Rangers, you can go next door and see the Cowboys (well, maybe next September), and go next door and ride the Titan at Six Flags, and go next door and slide down a gigantic water slide, and go next door and......see a pattern here? We do and we avoid it as much as possible.

I do love baseball and if you are ever down here, I would definitely go to a game with you!

And you can add eating "authentic" Tex-Mex food to your list. Bring alka-seltzer.

Unknown said...

Well that one is pretty good and highly acheivable. Much more realistic than your first one

Good luck.

OH you can add.. "scream obscenities to the stupid MLB umps when they make bad calls

Donnie said...

I totally agree with 3! I used to run a couple of cars I had in the sixties. Never were "show" material-just street rods. What a blast from the past!

A New Yorker said...

Bucket smucket...lists suck it! :) I'm open to all new wonderful experiences that life presents. But one I will list is driving to NJ and sayin' hello to my favorite NJ blogger and sharing a photo of the two of us. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Unfinished: I've gone to plenty of Yankee and Mets games. I need to visit all the rest. And the sandwich--I'm jealous.

@ Trey: Primanti's has been on Food Channel so many times, along with the Travel Channel.

@ Yup, and on Italian bread. It sounds great. I'm sorry to hear about you being a Sox fan. That is the one stadium I may not visit. Unless I can get a ticket when the Yankees are in town. :)

@ Nicole: That doesn't count

@ Adullamite: Buckets are over rated

@ Michelle: I am so looking forward to crossing that one off my list

@ Etta: I'm kind of used to disappointment, so I may as well list them.

@ FishHawk: When did you turn into Grandpa Simpson?

@ Reforming: Did you know I root for 2 football teams? The Giants and whoever is playing the Cowboys.
Though Tex -Mex sounds good.

@ Dizz: Like I don't do that already

@ Don: Something about old iron. It kind of has a life of it's own.

@ Lauren: But I like making lists.

Suzanne said...

The husband just put Primanti's on his list. We had relatives in from PA, asked them if they've ever been there and they said the sandwiches there are awesome!

Paul Eilers said...

I've never heard of the term bucket list.

And what, no sky diving on your updated list?

Lin said...

I think your list is pretty attainable--if you put your mind to it and the pretty woman doesn't "keep you down". Good luck! Let me know when you go to a White Sox game!

Anonymous said...

You gotta try the Skyline Chili in Cincinnati--it'll make you grow hair on your teeth.

I'd try and stay away from buckets. They can be kicked, you know?

Ed said...

I suggest adding the purchase of a bucket to the list. How can you really call it a bucket list without that one on the list?

Da Old Man said...

@ Sue: I've heard that from others, too.

@ Paul: Nope, I'm afraid of heights, along with a fear of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

@ Lin: I've wanted to go to a Cubs game for the longest time. White Sox game would have to be when the Yankeees are in town

@ MA: I've been to Cinncinnati, had the chili. Not my favorite.

@ VE: Duly noted.

Marvel Goose said...

White Water Rafting in the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Seeing a total eclipse of the Sun from the deck of an ocean liner in the Ocean.

Janna said...

I'd like to go to Philadelphia and try those two competing shops that have the Philly cheese-steak sandwiches.

And, sure, yes, write the world's next best symphony orchestra suite, and a few movie soundtracks, and marry someone who will actually make dinner once in awhile and do dishes and clean the bathroom, and convince my mom that blue/green hair might actually be a cool thing after all.

But the Philly steak thing sounds a lot more attainable.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that's not a bad list. I've always wanted to go to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates, but you know I'm a fan and you'll understand why I'd want to avoid such disappointment.

My parents have a '55 Bel-Air. Make an offer...

Da Old Man said...

@ Marvel: I get sick on boats, even big ships.

@ Janna: I could put the sandwich thing on my list. The Spawn lives near them.
Don't think the blue green hair would work for you.
Still waiting for the Koolade dye posts, BTW.

Unknown said...

Well, let me know when you're heading to the Burgh-- I might be able to help the revised bucket list along a bit!

Chris Casey said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to drop my card.

On my bucket list, I have fornicate with a lithe buxom natural redhead. I just hope my wife wouldn't mind. Of course, if she dyed her hair, that would work.

I'd also like to have front row seats for a mud wrestling match between Angeline Jolie and jennifer Aniston. I can always hope.