Sunday, February 08, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Beatles White Album

Happy Birthday to William Tecumseh Sherman, Jules Verne, Gary Coleman, and of course, Kirsten D, the Soccer Mom, one of my absolute favorite bloggers around. Yes, that is her avatar on my TV screen.

Yet only one of these famous people is turning, ermmm,


I know, I can't believe it either. America's favorite Soccer Mom, the ref's worst nightmare, has turned the big

Four Oh.

as in "Oh my gawd, she's a for real adult, now."

Photobucket It's not that bad. Truly. She will get over it. She could easily pass for a woman many years younger, and if needed, we all know Kirsten can still put the smackdown on any of the obnoxious women at soccer games, and drink any of the wimpy soccer dads under the table.

Just keep that Pimp cup filled, yo

And stop by her blog for the best in parenting tips, reality TV updates, and redneck shenanigans. Hers is a humor blog that I read every single day.

Be sure to wish her a most happy 40th. She'll be partying like a rock star all weekend.



Jessica said...

Jules Verne caught my eye--one of my favorite authors!

I don't know Kristen, but I wish her a very happy birthday! :D

A New Yorker said...

Glad she's there first. LMFAO! I still have 2.5 years and I'm going to use every single moment of them to PARTTTTAAAAAY! Happy Birthday Soccer Mom!!

Unknown said...

Crotchety, that was very nice! I did a little post for her today also. Happy Birthday Kirsten!

Sandee said...

I'll make sure I go over and sing happy birthday. Oh heck, I'll do it here too.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kirsten,
Happy Birthday to you.

Have a great day Crotchety. :)

Paul Eilers said...

I'm sure she is glad, Da Old Man, that you pointed out her birthday and age to everyone.

Women appreciate that, yo.

Michelle said...


Old man i thought it was your birthday today!!!! It is very lovely of you to do such a nice birthday post for Kristen!!!

Ok, i guess i like you now!!!


Unknown said...

Great tribute. I wish I would have known.. I could have come up with something she'd be proud of. These birthday posts are great!

ReformingGeek said...

If only we could easily play practical jokes online. That's what supposed to happen when you turn 40!

Nice post!

Da Old Man said...

@ Jessica: Lots of famous people born today. Those were the ones I liked best

@ Lauren: Life begins at 40.

@ Etta: I have to stop by.

@ Sandee: I'm sure she'll like that.

@ Paul: She won't mind. She's cool that way.

@ Michelle: No, my birthday is on a holiday. You should be able to guess which one. And no, not Joe Day.

@ Dizz: I'm sure she is happy to get birthday wishes Kirsten from you here.

@ Reforming: That would be great

Jackie said...

What a nice thing to do. I mean for a Crotchety old man you sure are nice even if I did lose the caption contest!!

I will pop over and send her birthday wishes!!:-)

Donnie said...

Wow, she's keeping that news quiet! Hahaha! I'll have to make a return visit to her site and leave a msg. this time. Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

very nice of you!

Da Old Man said...

@ Shinade: She'll like that.

@ Don: Yeah, she did everything but put an ad on TV. LOL

@ Stacie: I do what I can for my friends

Kevenj said...

What a dang nice guy yar'Crotch, and here I thought only mafia lived in Jersey. Silly me.

Kirsten said...

Thanks Joe!! You are the best!
And to think! I wanted to keep my birthday quiet! :)

Anonymous said...

just Happy Birthday! :D