Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day

I'm not going to tell you about Punxsutawney Phil or Beau, the South's groundhog. To be honest, it is all legend, and based upon superstition.

New Jersey decided a few years ago to have their own season forecasting weather rat, which they named Simms, after Giants great Phil Simms. Apparently, Phil is the name of choice for oversized Northeast rodents. After a couple years, they realized how dumb it was, and I like to think they let the rat free, to roam the vast woodlands of NJ. More than likely, the stupid thing ran out on Route 1 and was road pizza in less than an hour.

But no, I need to tell you about Groundhog Day, one of the most important movies ever.
The first real date I ever went on with the Crotchety Old Lady was to see Groundhog Day.

It was a magical night. Ok, as magical as a night in a New Jersey movie theater with a bucket of popcorn and a Dr. Pepper can get. We met in the parking lot, giddy that we got away from our respective families for the night.

Once inside, we acted like a couple of lovestruck spit swapping teenagers.

At the end of the film, we exited the theater, and sat in our cars and chatted for hours, until eventually, we had to go our seperate ways. And, just like in the movie, we kept meeting again, until we I got it right.

Check back tomorrow to see why Bruce Springsteen is just another yappy, self aggrandizing celebrity putz.


Gianetta said...

I think I saw "New Jersey Phil" in my basement a few days ago. I didn't know you were a teenager once?

tahtimbo said...

I love that movie! The first date with my wife was to go see "The Burbs".

Marie said...

I love that movie too. But my first date with my husband was to see "Jaws". That pretty much set the tone for our marriage too.

Now Joe...please don't be too mean about Bruce?!?! Please, please, please?!?!

lol Although I know whatever you do say will be smart and funny.

Ranran said...

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Michelle said...

Old man i have a question:

You said after the movie you sat in your cars??? Does that mean that you each sat in your own car with the windows open talking to each other through the windows???

I'm just saying!!!


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I saw this movie with my mom. We both just looked at each other and said, what? That's it? What a joke!

ReformingGeek said...

My cat ate Phil. There will be no more silly rodents attempting to see shadows today.

What a nice first date. Aren't you glad you finally got it right? After all, it sounds like the Mrs. does it all. I missed what you do around the house. Could you elaborate on that?


Da Old Man said...

@ MA: Physically, I was a teenager a long time ago. Mentally, I never left. I wasn't a teenager when I dated the Crotchety Old Lady

@ Tahtimbo: Another good movie.

@ Marie: I'm pretty annoyed with Bruce. Last night's Super Bowl performance only made it worse.

@ Ranran: Glad to see you.

@ Michelle: I think we were in the same car. :)

@ Karen: The movie worked on many levels. It was a story of redemption and true love. And groundhogs.

@ Reforming: I do plenty around the house. Because she is too busy to watch TV, I watch it, and give her a wrapup of different shows. I offer polite, yet thorough criticism of her cooking so she cn improve. I also point out the things that need to be done, and make lists prioritizing her chores.
I just give and give.

Unknown said...

Awww... it's A Very Special Crotchety Old Man today. :) Romance over Groundhog Day.

Let's just hope you didn't have to hear Cher's "I Got You Babe" 347 times during the dating of the future Mrs. Crotchety.

LL said...

I don't need to check in tomorrow to know that... I already do. How he has achieved fame and fortune over the years is a greater mystery to me than the Bermuda triangle...

Oh... and if you two acted like teenagers... did you even get to see any of the film?

Sandee said...

This post is the absolute opposite of yesterdays post. You are nice in this one. Bwahahahahaha.

Have a terrific day. :)

Paul Eilers said...

Did you guys fog the windows? :)

I am very much looking forward to your Bruce Springsteen post!

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

I loved that movie but I guess you didn't see any of it because of the spit swapping.

Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite movies. Poor Simms.. I think I saw him tits up on the side of the road yesterday

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Aw cute. I want to puke now, but in a good way if that is at all possible.

I hate that movie. There. I said. I know everyone else loves it but it just irritates the hell out of me.

Ah, I feel much better now that I have gotten that off my chest.

nonamedufus said...

Andie MacDowell went on to make commercials for skin creams and, like, where's Bill Murray now, eh? Say what, er.. Really? Not bad!

Kevenj said...

"Ok, as magical as a night in a New Jersey..can get"

I've always wondered about that...

Kelly Ann said...

I don't know that I would have chosen that movie for a first date, but apparently it worked out for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great film, and probably the only way most people ever see Punxsutawney (I've actually been there, but not on 2/2). And Bill Murray keeps popping up in the oddest places, for those that are watching closely.

Da Old Man said...

@ Jenn: Fortunately, no.

@ LL: Saw most of it.

@ Sandee: I'm always nice. Sort of.

@ Paul: I plead the fifth.

@ Heather: I saw much of it.
Ok, some of it.

@ Dizz: That would have been him.

@ Petra: You need to see it again.

@ Nonamed: Bill never had another romantic role.

@ Kevin: Very magical, considering it was infused with the odor of popcorn and the theater had sticky floors.

@ Chica: It worked out well. I need to tell about some of our other date movies.

@ Aoi: It looks like a nice town. I live relatively close, maybe I should go one year.

Davida said...

I really liked Bill Murray in the movie... great comedic timing. It's been a looooong while since I've seen it.


Lin said...

Oh, I can see why she married ya! Sounds sooo romantic. :)

Marvel Goose said...

I screened that movie for my Middle School aged Sunday School Class over three weeks -- we discussed the theology of Ground Hog Day. Yes, there is one! You should see all the philosophy sites deconstructing this thing.

A New Yorker said...

And now you see your life repeating before your eyes...and now you see your life repeating before your eyes...

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of an idea I had at work (I'm the PR guy for a statewide Realtors association, you know).

I suggested that we ought to host Realtor Groundhog Day. You get the association president, see, to pop out of his office. If he sees his shadow, we're in for six more weeks of bad markets.

I'm lucky I don't get fired.

Cajoh said...

I have to admit that I lived about 15 minutes away from where they filmed the movie and know where all of the scenes are in a little town in Illinois called Woodstock. My wife and I know the drummer in the party scene and we are always chanting his name when we see him. Great movie on many levels.

Janna said...

I just saw Groundhog Day last Tuesday night, for the very first time ever!

Janna said...

I liked the funny parts of the movie, though romantic stuff always leaves me feeling depressed and bitter about life.

So it balanced out. :)