Monday, July 17, 2006

Hummer Commercial

The new Hummer commercial is absolutely laughable. The guy is in line, waiting to purchase some Tofu. The next guy in line is buying ribs and large hunks of red meat.
The guy in the commercial then goes out to buy a Hummer. The tagline is along the lines of "Increase your manliness."

Holy crap. What a bunch of BS. I guess it's kind of Freudian, "small" man compensates by buying a big truck.


savvy said...

hummers are the new "Mo" cars... you know, the cars with ridiculously loud idling engines, like the ones that sit outside my house at the intersection, revving their pieces of shit countless times, as if each rev amps up their sad manhood .... sort of like motorcycles, people who burn rubber at stoplights, and homophobes.