Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Least Boring Awards Post Ever

You know how awards posts are so boring? Yeah, me too. But the reason for them, at least in my mind, is to thank my peers who accepted bribes thought enough of my often
pathetic attempts at whatever the hell it is I'm trying to do here. Plus, I'll introduce some of the members of the oft mentioned staff of Crotchety Old Man World Wide Headquarters and Discount House of Worship.
First, the awards:


Blogging Friends Forever

was awarded to me by lauren of Can You be a part of my Life
Always interesting, and well thought out opinions. A good read.

This award comes with a lot of responsibility. Just the name of the award is suggesting whoever gets it will be my blogging buddy forever. So, if I get drunk, and the Crotchety Old Lady throws me out into the night, shouldn't the recipient be obligated to put me up for a couple days? I would think so. And, if I need to borrow $100 in a few months, my BFF would probably feel an obligation to drop the money in the mail.

But upon further reflection, that would be just too much to ask. So, I would like to, in advance, relieve those presented of any further responsibility. Just take the award in the spirit given, smile for the camera, and go on living la vida loca.

My first choice is my blogging buddy Jenn from of Cabbages and Kings. She has helped me enormously with my blog, and I am in her debt.

Next is my blogging buddy Claire from A Little Piece of Me
She is right there when I have a technical problem. Generally, she laughs at me, but does help me eventually.

Drowsey Monkey also gets an award because she is very helpful when I run into technical problems. As you can tell, I run into a lot of technical problems. She laughs at my problems, but I'm sure it's a language thing. You know how those Canadians are with all those extra "U"s floating around.

Lastly, I'd like to give this award to That Tears It

Lately, he has noted a dearth of things feminine in his life, so I thought I should give him this, the girliest of all awards. Plus, when he stops by, he can take a peak at some of the best blogs written by women. (his co-winners)
I'd hate to see him hanging curtains and putting doilies everywhere. Plus I'm not exactly sure what a doily is. Mrs. Crotchety says she likes them, so I'm sure they have to be bad to have around.

The next award


KickAss blogger

was from Flower Girl at The Garden of the Flower Girl

I'm going to award this to Chelle, the Offended Blogger at
I really need to suck up to her, because she's in charge of the humorbloggers site, and I'm barely qualified. She is taking 50 bloggers, and I'm positive if she drops to 49, I'm so gone.

Ryan, from the Downloadable Ryan Garns
gave me


I'd like to award this to Don from It's a Funny Thing

He's running for President, and could use the support.

And the last award is the Arte y Pico

from Bridget the Get Smart Gal at
Her specialities include: Finance, Marketing, Business Buidling, & Telling People What To Do.

I'd like to award this to The Fly at After Dinner Mint.

He is witty and creative.

Now, you rules stickler types may have noticed I have not followed them exactly. I realize this. But I also realize that eventually every blog will be linked to Kevin Bacon or something like that unless we limit things. So, rather than join the Arte Y Pico Must Die movement, I've just decided to limit everything.

You are welcome.

Winners may share with up to 5 others.

Lastly, as promised, I'd like to introduce you to the staff.
There's Rubba, he heads up our photoshopping department
We have the two Donnas. They form the powerful Donna voting bloc when judging the "Caption This" series.
Bchbear is in charge of judging. He likes to play Paula when we judge.
Nicole, who is vice president of operations.
Michiganderlady runs the mail room.
Arti helps in the photoshopping department.
Tammy, head of security, canine division.
And Mrs. Crotchety, catering.

It takes a lot of people to keep a blog going.


MYM said...

Congrats & thank you! You know what I'm really laughing at is that I'M helping anyone with tech issues! HA!

Nice pre-post you got here :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Drowsey: You know more than me. I have a mental block with anything technological. Part of it is I don't know the terminology. If it's not in urbandictionary, I can't find it.

TheFLy said...

Whoa, didnt even notice this post, haha. Thanks for the award!! I really appreciate it especially coming for Da Man, well old man, haha. See, I knew you had good taste, haha.

buzz buzz

Da Old Man said...

@ The Fly: Of course. Good writing is hard to come by, so I'm glad to point it out.

TheFLy said...

I just saw your staff. Wow! I am severely understaffed, haha.

Chelle Blögger said...

Aww! You know you don't have to suck up, there are at least 12 others ahead of you who are less funny. ;)

Plus, at the rate is getting applicants I may have to reconsider the 50 limit. There are some very funny bloggers applying who I had never heard of!

crpitt said...

This wasn't here yesterday, did you sneak it in?
Said the actress to the bishop.

Boom Boom.

I do laugh at you and I am great at it! ahahahahahahaha <-------see.

A New Yorker said...

You'll always have a place on my tiny couch if you need it. The $100, well...if you can find it in my house I guess you earned it :-D

Congrats on all the awards.

Da Old Man said...

The Fly: Oh yeah,a big time blog requires plenty of people to keep it going.

@ Offended Blogger: Plenty of funny people out there. I've heard as many as 1000 people may be using this internet thing. It may just catch on, and then imagine how many folks will show up to see humorbloggers. Dozens, I tell you, dozens.

@ Claire: It was here yesterday. I wouldn't sneak it in because that would require trickery. And I would never do that. :)

@ lauren: Thanks. You are so kind.

Unknown said...

Wow, it's a total Awards-a-palooza!

Thank you for my BFF award. It's all golden and girly and and my friends will be all jealous. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Jenn: I'm glad you like it. It's so you. :)

crpitt said...

Don't tell fibs! it appeared on my feed reader after your latest post.


Da Old Man said...

@ Claire: Uhhhmmm, (searching mind for good lie to cover previous lies)--look, over there. It that Vincent D'Onofrio?

crpitt said...

Now that I have uncovered your deceit, does this mean your not as technology stoopid as you have professed to be?

I like Mr Vincent D'Onofrio, but not enough to distract me :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Claire: Oh no. I assure you I'm plenty techno-stupid. Drowsey just taught me the other day how to do that date thing.