Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And now, for something completely different

Instead of two for Tuesday, I'll participate in a meme I have received. And, I'll make it a little different, just to see if youse have been paying attention. A couple of my favorite bloggers have done this lately, and the results have been fun.

First, the meme

8 things about me is from Chunks of Reality. This is a pretty interesting blog, and her 8 facts were astounding.


What I am going to do is give some facts, and you can guess which are correct. The prize, of course, is the adulation of the blogosphere.

1. A few years ago, I passed a rather large kidney stone that, when viewed from the right angle, looked eerily like the profile of Rutherford B. Hayes.

19th President of the US or my kidney stone?

2. I lost the 8th grade county spelling bee on a technicality.

3. I'm a certified teacher.

4. I have been married 3 times.

5. I have been shown in cable TV audiences at least 4 times.

6. I've posed for pictures and signed autographs as a professional wrestler for German tourists.

7. When younger, I was in 4H and raised a champion bull.

8. My first serious girlfriend couldn't say the word aluminum.

Of those 8 facts, only 6 are true. Can you guess which ones?

I'm going to tag Eve from http://www.thatsfunnybecause.blogspot.com/

She is a lady of mystery, so it would be wonderful to find out 8 things about her. Of course, she is under no obligation to tag anyone, but can tag up to 8 others.

Anyone else wishing to participate, just let me know.

Graham from http://adullamite.blogspot.com/

Presented the blog with the following award:

There were no strings attached, and I'm grateful as stringy awards can be annoying. I appreciate the recognition from my blogger friends. Thanks. Also, I'm not exactly sure what it says as it's in Spanish and according to my high school Spanish, my blog approximates a blog. Must be one of those idiomatic things, either that or I was absent that day.

Lastly, the ebay situation is resolved, now, I can devote my energy to Quizno reparations.

And I can devote even more time to ignoring Greenland.

THIS JUST IN: I was interviewed by Doc Nicole. It's health related, and me, being the world's unhealthiest blogger, you may want to read it.


Still time to vote for me. Just click on the icon on the left side.


Adullamite said...

Great interview Joe!
Makes me respect you even more.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your distinguished kidney stone. It's nice to know some people's kidney stones still respect such figures.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna guess that #4 and #6 are false. Now I'm off to read your interview! (actually, I lie, I'm off to write a bloody exam... THEN, I will be off to read your interview) ;-)

shyne said...

I'm going to guess #1 (no self respecting kidney stone would look like RB Hayes) and #6 are false.

Great interview!!!!!

Kelly Ann said...

I'm guessing the married three times bit is false.

Oh and I loved reading the interview. :)

Unknown said...

I would say 6 and 7 are the lies. Because, well, bulls in New Jersey usually just mean that Chicago's playing the Nicks.

GumbyTheCat said...

I'll say #4 and #6 are the incorrect ones.

Oh, and good interview btw.

Hey Shadow! You and I guessed the same ones!

eve cleveland said...

Thanks for the tag, Hon. You know I'd let you catch me ;) The German thing is hard to swallow and so is the bull...but I'm calling you on the 3x married.

A New Yorker said...

Six are true? WOW. I think I can only guess one or two. Colorful life!

Anonymous said...

I say #4 and #6 too! Although I am loving visualizing you as a German wrestler all dressed up in those ridiculous wrestling tights...hehehe

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

I'm thinking #2 and #6. I hate those technicalities. Plus I can't say the word aluminum it is always aluminium, for some reason I can't say tooth properly either it always comes out tuth!

I thought the interview was fab! Great job on being so informative.

Bradley said...

Great interview. I'm guessing that the kidney stone story and the married three times are false.

Paul Eilers said...

Kidney stones! Oh man, when I was in college, I passed a kidney stone. Worst pain I've EVER been in!

I've heard passing a kidney stone is the closest a man will ever come to knowing the pain a woman goes through giving birth.


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

I say number 1 and 6 are not true. I really have no basis for these choices, other than just guessing, but I thought I would give it a shot!

Sandee said...

You haven't been married three times. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ everyone: Good guesses. So far, quite a few have guessed one of the two, but no one has gotten them both.

Swirl Girl said...

6 and 8 are not true.
the rest are slight exaggerations of truth.

Yeah for poetic license!

Anonymous said...

Hey I passed a kidney stone too and then I had one that they had to go in and blast. I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Anonymous said...

I got around to reading your interview last night and wanted to let you know it was a really good interview. I lost my uncle to diabetes last year, so although I don't understand first hand how difficult it can be to live with the disease, I have an idea. Everyone thinks it's so easy, 'all' you have to do is change your lifestyle, but most people don't realise how hard it is to change a huge part of you, whether it's how you eat, how you sleep, or how you exercise. You're a strong man.

Oh, and it just HAS to be 4 and 7 that are untrue. :-P

ReformingGeek said...

I think #2 and #4 are false. You lost the spelling bee because you couldn't spell the word and you've been married more than 3 times. ;-)

GumbyTheCat said...

I'll change my guess to #2 and #6.

Da Old Man said...

@ everyone: Still no.

Last night Spawn called me, and had to check that she knew which 2 were false. She figured it out, didn't actually know.

That's a clue.

Chunks of Reality said...

OMG, I am soooooo far behind in reading your posts! This is the first time I've had a chance to even post on my blog it's been so darn busy.

I LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE the idea you had with the meme. I think I'm going to try that on my blog and will let you know when I do it.

You may be crotchety, but you sure are creative. I love your blog. It always makes me smile...hence the votes I've made for you, my dear.