Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's Super Sunday

Did you notice the term
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is used almost haphazardly?

Most advertisers refer to it as the "Big Game." Did you ever wonder why?

The reason, and don't laugh because it is this stupid, the NFL owns the rights to "Sooper Bowl" and demands payment for its use. So, while everybody and their brother knows which game is being spoken of, yet won't use the term, in order to not have to pay for it.

Kind of reminds you of a religious practice of not taking the name of the Higher Power in vain. And football is a religion by most accepted standards. The congregation meets at an appointed time, engages in ritualistic behavior, has faith that their team will win (unless they are Lions fans) and many build small shrines in their homes to reinforce their belief system.

Great plays are given names like the Immaculate Reception, and, every so often, a team like the 2007-8 Giants or Joe Nameth's Jets will pull a miracle and beat a team that is considered much better.

Tomorrow is a day of many parties, lots of food, a Feast Day, as it were. Think Christmas or Easter, but with nachos and pizza instead of ham or turkey.

Have a great day. And may Vince Lombardi Bless you.

Game coverage starts at 6:30 AM with Mike and Mike on ESPN 2.

Kickoff is a mere 11 1/2 hours later.


The Self-Deprechaun said...

I'm ready for the triple by-pass of fatty foods and the commercials.

And hopefully some wardrobe malfunctions!

Adullamite said...

Would 'Throw Bowl' not be a better term perhaps?

HR Diva said...

looking forward to the commercials and hoping my pool numbers come out, some extra money would be nice

Chat Blanc said...

I like to think of it as "The Stupor Bowl". Here's to lots and lots of hangovers tomorrow! Cheers! :D

Unknown said...

I'm hoping someone makes the Bacon Explosion mmmmmmmmm bacon

I hope the 3-D portion of the commercials are great, that's the only reason I'm watching

Michelle said...


A foreign concept to me. Commercials will be the ONLY reason i tune in. Oh that and Springsteen!!!

ENJOY old man!!!!

A New Yorker said...

Go Cardinals...make Obama cry!

Paul Eilers said...

Unbelievable how much game coverage there is for the Super Bowl on game day. When I was a kid, I used to watch it all, and was a huge Steelers fan. However, today I'll probably settle in right before kickoff.

My wife has invited her side of the family over to watch the Big Game with us. So I'll probably take the kids and our little man to the nearby park.

By the way, I have a tendency to root for the underdog, but intuitively believe the Steelers and their defense will win their sixth Super Bowl.

JD at I Do Things said...

I did NOT know the NFL owned the term "Super Bowl." But it figures that I wouldn't know. My husband wanted to watch a movie last night, and it being already 6:30 I didn't think I'd be able to stay awake. "How about tomorrow night?" I suggested brightly. Oh, the look I got.

ReformingGeek said...

Mike and Mike? They're cute. Maybe I should turn on the tube but don't you know that Big Brother really is watching? What better way to control the masses than to offer a sports competition of this magnitude?

Unknown said...

I love how I live in a bubble... I didn't know today was the day of the almighty bowl until I read it here. ;-D

Donnie said...

Yes that is stooopid! I reminds me of James "J.J." Walker in the 70's and his tag "DY-NO-MITE!" His show "Good Times" owned that too and he was unable to use it except for them. He couldn't even say it unless he was paid for it-publicly.

Da Old Man said...

@ Self: You and me both

@ Adullamite: Just enjoy some real football. Not the kickball you guys play.

@ Rutgersmb: Try to enjoy the game, too

@ Chat: Hangovers are the best part

@ Dizz: Bacon Explosion? I need more info.

@ Michelle: But football is awesome.

@ Lauren: That's a reason to root for the Cardinals. :)

@ Paul: I tune in just before kickoff, too. Can't watch 6+ hours of pregame.

@ JD: Just enjoy the game, and all will be forgiven.

@ Reforming: Bread and circuses, that always works.

@ Shadow: But it's the "Big Game."

@ Don: I saw him on TV recently, and I did notice he never said his catch phrase. Never knew that was why.

Anonymous said...

Football...yawn...Was a Pittsburgh fan through the Bradshaw/Swan years then lost interest. Always said, "If Bradshaw put the ball in the air and Swan was within 2 miles of the stadium, he was gonna catch it!" Now, I'm goin' shoppin'.

Anonymous said...

Football fascination - where else could big huge men, slap each other in the ass.. and people think it's cool! LOVE it, for so many reasons!

Stanley! said...

I think copyright law can get a little crazy. Not just for the super bowl and the dyn-o-mite thing, but also the way that the happy birthday song isn't public domain.

...although it does make it more interesting when you go out to a restaurant and see what kind of random birthday alternative song they come out with.

Lipstick said...

So, the essential bit of info is...were YOU watching ESPN at 6:30 am?

Anonymous said...

Ow! Associating Super Sunday with Big Gay Al.

Aww, come on!

Da Old Man said...

@ Judy: I used to love those Steeler teams

@ Susie: Sounds like some ofthe reasons the Crotchety Old Lady likes the game

@ Stanley: True dat

@ Lipstick: I'm a fan, but not insane. I was sleeping.

@ The Hawg: Nice catch. Didn't know if many South Park fans were around to catch that.

The Mother said...

You are so right about the superbowl and religion.

If I don't capitalize it, have I committed some sort of sin?