Thursday, February 15, 2007

I just need to write

I'm not sure why, but some days I just need to write. I don't always know what is going to come out. Sometimes I start with an agenda, sometimes not. I may just talk to a friend, or have myself stimulated in some other way (that sounds dirty, but it isn't.) I just like to write.
I rarely go to the movies. I have a very short attention span, and I really have a difficult time focusing for 90-120 minutes. If a movie is really, really interesting to me, I can get through it, but I have fallen asleep in theaters many times. When I watch movies at home, I usually fall asleep, too, but at least it doesn't cost 10 bucks. That's why when I discuss a movie with someone, I either don't know how they ended, or I missed a big part of the plot. If I like a movie, I watch it numerous times, and I eventually do get to see every part.
One exception, of course are really funny comedies. Two from last year, which are actually the only two movies I have seen in a theater in the last few years, were Borat and Clerks 2 (twice.) A good friend of mine loaned me his DVD player and I will return it to him when I can walk well enough. But, in the meantime, I am enjoying watching Clerks and Clerks 2 about once a week each. Is there such a thing as the "Tao of Silent Bob?"
I'm more a sitcom guy. Give me 22 minutes of solid entertainment in a 30 minute block, and I'm one happy dude. I like the commercial breaks. They give me a chance to, I don't know exactly what I do, but I like the little break. And a well crafted commercial, is like a bonus. It is like an extra bit of entertainment, kind of like when you get that toy with your Happy Meal. I even look forward to certain ones. Right now, the Taco Bell lions crack me up. And, of course, the Geico Cave Men are hysterical, even if they have been on a few times too many. One series of commercials that irritate me are the cable ones. Ok, I'm watching cable TV, do I really need a commercial for cable TV while I'm using the product? And worse, I'm paying to watch TV, which means I'm paying to watch a commercial encouraging me to kepp paying to watch the commercial?
By the way, Reno 911, one of my favorite shows, is now a movie. I doubt I'll go to see it, even though it looks really funny. It will probably be on some movie channel in less than a year, so I can wait it out. It takes a lot for me to get my butt out to a movie.