Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring Training Report

While winter continues to freeze pipes in Dowtown New Jersey, my New York Yankees are in sunny Florida preparing to take on the pretenders to the throne that is rightfully theirs.
I just read some news about our knights in pinstripes, and I feel really good about the upcoming season.
Carl Pavano, who has not pitched since June 2005, is finally looking to make his triumphant return to the mound. According to coach Ron Guidry (who I met a few years ago) "He's in real good shape, he's in a real good frame of mind, and that's a plus." Pavano is throwing his slider, and looks to be on the track to finally taking his place in the rotation.
meanwhile, Kei Igawa is experiencing a little bit of culture shock. New York isn't exactly like Japan. But he has a good attitude and is learning English so he can communicate easily with his teammates.
Moose is looking good. He is in the twilight of his career, but he wants to go out with a winning team, and really wants to get his ring this year, along with a 20 win season. He has come close a few times, notching 19 with the Birds twice and 18 with the Bombers twice. With the lineup he has behind him this year, he has a chance, He just has to stay healthy.
But there is some bad news on the front. Bernie is not in camp. And, the team is offering a minor league contract. What the hell is up with that? They spend money like drunken sailors, and here, one of the true gentlemen in the game, a guy who ranks as one of the greatest Yankees of all-time, they are going the cheap route. It makes no sense. The guy is a fan favorite. He needs to end his career where he started, with the Yankees.
For most of his career he has been the number 2 centerfielder in the AL, just a few clicks behind Junior. Bernie may be on the fence as far as the HoF, but he is pretty close.
A .297 lifetime average, nearly 300 homeruns, and 450 doubles to go along with his 4 rings puts Bernie in elite company. It's time for George to step in and pay the man.