Thursday, February 01, 2007

USPS Rocks

WTH is up with the post office? I mail a check to the hospital which is about 5 miles or so from my mailbox. A week or so later, I get a letter from one of the main district offices (may have been in Atlanta) and it has a picture of my mail on it. They claim my envelope was destroyed and they forwarded the contents to Atlanta (what's that, about 800+ miles away) so they can take a picture of the contents of my envelope, and mail the picture back to me. What if that was destroyed? Would they take a picture of the picture?
It looks like they are holding my mail for ransom. Or that they are taunting me. What's next, my mail shows up on a milk carton? I wonder why they put in the accompanying note that for my protection, they would take a picture of my mail, and send me the picture, while they destroyed my mail. Was my mail dangerous? Was it the WMD's that the UN had been searching for?
But they did say that they hoped I would continue to use the Post Office for my postal needs.
As opposed to ...