Sunday, February 25, 2007

World Championship Fishing Shows

I just typed what was probably the most fantastic blog entry ever. I fully expected it to result in a 3 book deal, an appearance on Letterman, and possibly an HBO movie. Unfortunately, I hit some stupid button on my computer, and it disappearred into wherever that stuff goes. Sort of the cyber ether, I guess. Instead of having the opportunity to read what would have been a truly classic blog post, an actual life-altering experience, I'm left with this claptrap for your perusal.
I will now don my garb as the TV Sherpa, and proceed:
Usually, fishing shows are pretty low rated with me. They are perfect for when I wake up early Sunday morning and the only other choices are either infommercials or preachers. I do like some preachers like Joel Osteen and pastor Ted. Most of the rest seem to be too phoney and always looking for cash. And infommercials? How many times do I need to learn about some ladder? I get it. I'm only 6 feet tall, can probably reach to about 8 feet, and sometimes I need to get to places higher than that. Do I need a half-hour show to explain the advantages of such a tool?
As stated previously, most fishing shows are basically dreck. In almost any other time slot, I would only view them during commercials while watching a much better show. But Sunday mornings, they are basically the only show in town. Today, however was the undisputed king of all fishing shows. It is the Citgo Bassmasters Tournament, or some such equally pompous title. I am really into this.

I have my favorite fisherman, Mike Iaconelli (Ike.) Ike is just a maniac, and yes, he is an Italian-American from Jersey. Extreme bass fishing seems to be an oxymoron, but Ike does kick it up to notches unknown in bass fishing. I've seen him screaming at fish, other fisherman, and just in general. I wasn't sure why, but they showed a clip of him jumping in the water after a fish. It's just Ike being Ike, I guess.
The weird part of me enjoying fishing shows is that I don't like fishing. I don't like fish or to eat fish. I don't like the outdoors. I don't like looking at guys butt cracks while they are fishing.
This must be one of the many things that make me the bizarre dude that I am.

I rate the Citgo Tournament 4.