Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm in a Weird Mood Today

I just can't seem to get focused. My mind is racing like I'm on a mental Autobahn and I'm doing about 175 MPH. And the road is all turns.
Focus, big guy, focus. I don't want to turn this entry into a Larry King-like series of non-sequiters. Ok, who have I talked to lately that gave me tremendous insight?
I exchanged e-mails yesterday with a friend who is a fan of my rambling thoughts and all around superfluous scribblings. She said that a lot of what I have written has mirrored much of her life. Not that she was hospitalized and getting wedgies, but the more serious stuff. This made me really feel good. Not that she personally also had to endure pain and anguish, but that others do. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in my personal "stuff" so much so that I often fail to realize that it is a big world, and many are going through trials and tribulations just as I am. Maybe they don't get the medical wedgies, but they do have other mountains to climb. While some mountains may be physical, and others mental, they can all be just as steep.
If I think that I can't do something, then I can't do it.
Yesterday, I was watching Oprah (my testosterone levels have gone down a bit with age) and her guest said something profound. He said that trying is failure with dignity. If I say I'll try to do something, and fail, it's ok, because I at least tried. And the focus in on the positive in that a failure who didn't try is worse than one who did.
But the results are the same.
So, rather than take the try and fail route, I guess I have to take the try and then try again method. A positive mental outlook usually pisses me off, so this may be more difficult than I thought.