Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Caption This--Twist and Shout Edition

Twisted week continues as this week's caption this is on a different blog where I am guest posting. So, in essence, I get to do extra work, while the Hussy Housewife goes snowboarding and sips chablis. I swear this seemed like a good idea when she suggested it.

Anyway, you can find the "caption this" picture at

Leave your caption there, and check back here on Friday for the prizes and accolades, and of course, the Zucchini.


Unknown said...
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Lola said...

Michael and Cindy Krueger, a newlywed couple, entered the triathlon together. Cindy failed to let Michael know she didn't know how to swim. Michael was determined not to let that stop them from crossing the finish line together.

Unknown said...

Good gad, Crotchety, where do you find these photos?

Da Old Man said...

@ Jenn: I have a lot of free time.

Anonymous said...

I'm headin' over right now, but you know I suck at these things. BTW what part of Hussy do you not understand...of course she's off having fun leaving you to do all the work. LOL

Sandee said...

I'm terrible at captions, but that's one heck of a picture.

Have a great day Crotchety. :)

Anonymous said...

Some one with access to the information provided by the googles is still sipping chablis???

that's heinous.

Charmaine said...

I'm not reading your blog today, in protest.

I am responding to your comment on mine.

Come here. Just a little closer, try to touch my nose, go ahead, I want you to, I want to see your eyes...SMACK.

No sausage jokes, unless you are 12years old.

mincognita said...

Distelfink <--- This will never do.

Everyone knows that ALL Amish have the surname Yodder!