Friday, January 16, 2009

Caption this winner announced

The staff at Crotchety Old Man World Wide Headquarters and Discount House of Worship had their work cut out for them this week. It was an unbelievably close contest as one point separated first and second place.

Plenty of points were scored as Lola, Dani, Mike, Jormen, Windmill, Self Deprechaun, Petra, Paul, and Lauren all tallied some points.

But the winning caption
Whamo! presents the new "Slip and Slut"
was submitted by Don. This is his second win.
Don gets the Zucchini and 500 entrecard credits.


Second place went to Lola, and third was Petra. Each of them did score very highly and made the judges job extremely difficult.

I spent quite a bit of time today fighting with insurance companies, who suck as bad as bankers.

I'll fill you in tomorrow.

In really stupid news, earlier today, a plane landed in the Hudson River. Everyone was safely taken off the plane within a short time. No one was hurt, nothing else happened. No huge fire, nothing. So, for hour after hour, the local news took over the entire TV schedule showing a picture of the plane while they interviewed everyone in NYC. I turned off the coverage and checked back. It was over 3 hours straight at one point-- 3 hours after everyone was safe and on land. I missed the Simpsons and Seinfeld. Photobucket

The news is on now, with up to the minute coverage of the plane. For those keeping score at home, nothing has happened to the plane in the last 8 hours other than it has been towed to a pier. So, they are showing pictures of the plane sitting in the water at a dock. What could possibly be as interesting as a plane sitting in the river in the dark? The entire news cast is built around the plane. The weather guy is telling what the weather was like 8 hours ago when the plane went down. He just described what the water was like 8 hours ago. Let's see, it's January, and it's single digits outside, what would the water be like? I'm going to guess it was cold. You'd think this was some backwater town. Apparently nothing else happened in New York today.

8 hours of riveting TV


Kelly Ann said...

I knew the second I read don's caption, that man had the cat in the bag. :)

Adullamite said...

We had lots of this on Sky news last night! The same clip was shown a thousand times!

Unknown said...

Congrats Don. I want another one too. He cannot get more than me.

Bradley said...

Great choice for the winner. The caption was hysterical.

I'm glad to see someone else that found shots of the plane over and over and over again was pretty useless news. The only thing I can think of is it's probably a good day overall if that's the major news for the day.

Unknown said...

yep.... don had it pegged Congrats!

I wasn't subjected to the torture of the non-stop coverage. I was at work when it happened and hubs.. who is a news fiend had been outside since before it happened. When I asked him about it he had no clue . Luckily he didn't come back in until 6 or 7

ReformingGeek said...

Congrats to the winner!

Hubby just turned on the TV. Guess what's on the news......

Da Old Man said...

@ Chica: It was my favorite, too.

@ Adullamite: Yup, over and over, and they were so desperate to try to fnd some new angle, I guess.

@ Etta: You'll get your chance next week.

@ Bradley: I agree, I'm glad there was so little other news.

@ Dizz: You were lucky in that regard. Here, it was on channel 2,4,5,7,9 and 11. Each had coverage for hours.

@ Reforming: I could guess. And, I have no trouble with coverage, but oy vey.

Kirsten said...

That was a tough one! Congrats to the winner!

Lin said...

Oh, and I thought it was me! How much could we possibly talk about this in the media? It was great and all, but c'mon--it was a little much after hours and hours of coverage!

mincognita said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look just like an M&M when you're pist?

Matt said...

The first thing we heard about in our local news was::

"Are you safe in a plane if you hit a bird!!??" And then they had a story with the local puddle-jumpers about the dangers of birds and planes. I fell asleep.

Unknown said...

Hope your insurance debacle gets resolved, Crotchety.

Congrats to Don!!

Sandee said...

Congratulations to Don. He is quite witty isn't he? Yes, he is.

I don't have television so I didn't have to put up with your slow news day.

I'll await the insurance company post. I'm sure it's a going to be a good rant.

Have a great day and weekend. :)

Jormengrund said...

And that whole crash happened because someone in First Class demanded fresh duck for their menu item!

How crappy of a flight is that??

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: It was a good one

@ Lin: Hours of the exact same story

@ Min: No, never

@ Matt: Those teasers drive me crazy

@ Jenn: It's going to take a few weeks

@ Sandee: I don't know if I can live without TV, though.

@ Jormen: Funny, but true. In one interview this morning, a passenger said he heard an explosion, then smelled something. Interviewer said, it was probably a bird. That just made me LOL

A New Yorker said...

I laughed a lot when I saw the winning comment yesterday. Hats off. Well deserved.

About the plane...the plane boss the plane. Didn't Ricardo die on the same day this happened?

Anonymous said...

I'm almost willing to guarantee there will soon be paintings/photographs for sale (of that classic scene with everyone standing on the wings of the aircraft). And if that hauls in enough money, there will probably be a film made about the 'heroes'.

Harry Yack said...

Man, that guy's beard is really out of control...

Anonymous said...

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