Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crotchety Gets Interviewed

Patricia from Subjective Soup interviewed me and asked me 5 questions. Here are her questions and my answers.

1. Your profile says you are 90. That can't possibly be true, can it? You seem much younger.

I usually pick the oldest age that the system allows. On some bios, I'm 108.
I am younger than that: however, in the fields in which I work, and the jobs I've had, I am usually the oldest person in the group.
I went back to college in my 40's, so in every class, I was the old man.

2. I get that you're crotchety, but isn't there something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy? What is it?

I'm fairly crotchety, but my family makes me warm and fuzzy. And puppies.

3. You have four blogs. How do you do it?

My main blog I update daily, the others are a bit more sporadically. I decided to do four because they are so different. I didn't think most readers would want to read about the Yankees and diabetes on a humor blog. I try to keep my blogs as almost separate worlds. I keep up by having no life. :)

4. Your profile says you like polka music. Does that mean you know how to polka? Could you teach us?

Not really. I'm more a fan of classic Rock and Roll, but polka music makes me happy, too. I couldn't dance it if I had to save my life.

5. Of all the things that make you crotchety, what is the worst?

Blatant stupidity, mixed with arrogance. I'm sure we all run into the person who explains the obvious, and gets it wrong anyway. That drives me nuts. Or they ask a question, and argue with your answer. I've had drivers ask me for directions, and then dispute what I told them. Almost made me forget which one of us was lost.

If anyone would like to be interviewed by me, leave me a comment, or email me. The address is on the side. Just put something in the subject so I know it's you. The interview will be personalized based upon your blog.



Gianetta said...

The receipt outside at the gas pump didn't print so I went inside and asked the lady for one. Here's what she said: "You mean one didn't print at the pump". Here's your sign!! It's like going to the post office and asking if they sell stamps. Stoooppiiidd.

Unknown said...

"Blatant stupidity, mixed with arrogance. I'm sure we all run into the person who explains the obvious, and gets it wrong anyway. That drives me nuts. Or they ask a question, and argue with your answer. I've had drivers ask me for directions, and then dispute what I told them. Almost made me forget which one of us was lost."

Hey, I resemble those remarks!!!

Adullamite said...

I understand the lost folk right enough, I have met them!

Michelle said...

Good Morning Old Man,
Nice interview!!! Simple, straightforward and to the point!!! I like that!!!

Your a pretty funny guy for an old man!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Unknown said...

That was fun and informative! I'd like you to interview me... perhaps it will give me the jump I need to get back into things :-P

Unknown said...

Ah, the landmark Crotchety interview... May it be the first of many. :)

Kirsten said...

I always ask people a question so I can argue with their answer. You mean that's annoying?? That would explain a few things!
BTW, I would love to be interviewed by you!

Donnie said...

Cool. That's a good site too. Yes, and I too get crotchety when people act as you described. Especially the know-it-all morons!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be interviewed by you. I love polka in really small bits. As you know I don't care for stupid either though I have been known to be stupid on many occasions...furnace filter.

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

I get crotchety at the stupid "English/America comments" like "I didn't know they spoke English in England". Seriously we have had that thank you girl who works in Subway.

Jormengrund said...

Excellent answers, as always Crotchety!

So now you need to fess up..

Who's paper did you copy those off of? C'mon, admit it!

I'd consider it an honor for you to interview me when/if you feel like it!

Sandee said...

Ha, so you are nicer than you make out to be. Well, that's what I got from this interview. Great job.

Have a terrific day. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ MA: Like my friend owns a garage "Bob's Tire and Auto." He always gets asked if he sells tires.

@ FishHawk: No problem, just go to Newark and make a left.

@ Adullamite: They can be interesting

@ Michelle: Thanks. Have a great day

@ Shadow: I will send you an email. Need to get you writing again

@ Jenn: I am always in fear of the questions, though.

@ Kirsten: I enjoy the give and take when helping someione. LOL. I'll be sending you questions.

@ Don: And it is especially annoying to guys like us who really do know it all, too.

@ Jen: I'll put you on the list.

@ Heather: I always think of the scene in Euopean Vacation when Clark (Chevy Chase) used his translator when he was in the English Hotel.

@ Jormen: I cheated off Chelle's paper because she's the smartest person I know. You're on the list to be interviewed.

@ Sandee: Actually, I'm much worse. I cheated on the interview.

Anonymous said...

#5 - that makes me angry too.

And please, interview me. A crotchety old man interviewing a crotchety young man should be an interesting experience.

Melanie said...

Nice interview. Glad to know there's someone else in the world who likes polka music.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview. I can relate to the part of having no life.

A New Yorker said...

Well done!

The Self-Deprechaun said...

That was an intense grilling..I wonder if it played out like the Basic Instinct scene and you crossed over your leg. Lots of tension!

I knew you loved puppies! There is a heart rattling in that can of yours.

Charmaine said...

Me me me. Pick me. I want, of all people, crotchety to interview me.

I know you'll be tough. You'll make me sweat.

ame s. said...

Puppies make me feel all warm and fuzzy too. Maybe because they are warm and fuzzy (most of em, fuzzy that is, cuz if they aren't warm, they're dead) and they do that sweet lil puppy grunting and have the milk-breath going on. Kittens make me feel the same, plus they have those cute kitten feet, complete with needle claws ready to poke your eyes out! Baby humans are ok for the most part. The only 2 of those I've owned wanted me to feed them from my own body and such, so I still cast my vote for puppies and kittens because they never asked such of me.
Ame I.

ame s. said...

oh, i forgot the interview part,because I was thinking about puppies and kittens. I'd probably be an interesting interview view though, because I'm dancing on the line of being crazy-ape-bonkers. I like to think I'm dancing on the good side of the line. I dare anyone to say otherwise out loud where I can hear them.

Lipstick said...

Love the interview! Of course, I am just craving more info....I want to hear more about the black and white photo of Little Boy Crotchety in front of the tv.

Chunks of Reality said...

It would be so much fun to be interviewed by you! I can only imagine the questions you may ask. I'm game if you are, my dear!

In case you don't have my mail anymore it's chunksofreality@gmail.com.

I'm now thinking about polka music. I think I'm going to download some tunes to my iPod to listen to while at work. Can you believe I'm finally back to work? Whew... :)

Thanks for your kindness and support. It means so much. *hugs*

Krissi said...

I've never been interviewed... not that I lead an exciting life what so ever but wow I would feel like I was the shit!!! However I do have to caution you... I have a slight need for stating the obvious!! LOL Interview me!!

Da Old Man said...

@ Everyone who asked for an interview: I'll get to everyone over the next few weeks. Thanks for the great response. Send me an email so I have your address. Thanks