Monday, January 12, 2009

Stupid Monday edition

I fell asleep last night before doing my post, so I'm up at 4 a.m. bringing youse the latest in whatever the heck it is being brought. The stupid Giants lost the playoff game that they should have won, and I felt like I played the stupid game. It made me miss my nap, and I was uber cranky last night.

The Steelers won, so at least I'll have a team to root for through the rest of the playoffs.

Stupid Giants.

And another thing that is getting on my last nerve, and I get ready to throw something at the TV every time it's on, is those cash for gold commercials. Are there really people who have no idea gold is valuable? Really?

And now, with the economy in the dumper, there must be one of those commercials every 10 minutes.

And, inevitably, those are followed by a commercial for a Rent to Own appliance commercial. And the pitchman tries to come across as a well meaning uncle, giving you the chance to get needed items like a computer, refrigerator, and big screen TV. OK, who really needs a big screen TV? Especially one that is going to cost double or triple after paying all the fees.

PT Barnum would be a billionaire if he were around today.

And now, Billy Mays is yelling about health insurance. Yeah, I should buy insurance from the same guy selling me super putty, car scratch stuff, and over priced soap.

Thank goodness for Vince and ShamWow or I'd lose faith in all TV advertisements.

But the big mystery to me is, how the heck do the free credit report folks make any money? They give away reports for free. They must work on volume.


Unknown said...

The people who give free credit reports truly are the givers in today's society.

I salute them.

ReformingGeek said...

The world is crazy. The Giants are crazy. The Rangers are crazy (They want Michael Young to play 3rd base to make room for a younger prospect at shortstop.)

So anyway, the folks that need "rent to own" really can't afford it so it must be another one of these schemes where anybody can qualify and then will easily default.

The world is crazy...

Donnie said...

You must be a wordly man by now. What with all of that knowledge you gain from predawn television. Do you buy the stuff that is 19.99 with 23.99 s&h? That's real tv!!

Anonymous said...


I hate it when Billy Mayes yells at me!! And WHO ELSE would they be sent to if I'm the one doing the ordering?

Paul Eilers said...

As soon as my wife sees Billy Mays on TV, she turns the channel. Like a new horror movie being advertised.

And now he is even beginning to have regular appearances on ESPN. During games, even.

Is the world coming to an end?

Unknown said...

You would root for the Steelers as a back-up team? Why, Crotchety, I knew I liked you! :)

Now I have that Free Credit Report jingle running through my head.

Make it stop, make it stop!!

Adullamite said...

'Steelers?' are they thieves who can't spell perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I love Vince, he takes the slimy used car saleman cliche to new levels of smarmy.

A New Yorker said...

I thought about you yesterday as I heard the Giants lost. I thought how can I make you cry more! HAHAHA! I know you love the NEW YORK Giants. BRUHAAAAAH! Kisses, Me.

Gianetta said...

I like to watch infomercials. Now, if only they would pay me the extra payment they're knocking off the already low low price for tuning in I could make it my full time profession.

Jormengrund said...

I don't get the couple of infomercials where the person giving the shpiel is wearing that "headset mic" you see them wear at demonstrations..

Give me a break. They're going to be heard just fine without the added crap!

But maybe it lends more to their credibility if they kind of look like they did when they first started doing their commercials?

I mean, it worked for Billy Mays, and he's still as loud as ever...

Anonymous said...

ShamWow Vince could sell me anything he wants. I trust his judgement.

Billy Mayes, on the other hand, can suck it.

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

Oh, I so hate those crappy commercials too!

Da Old Man said...

@ Chris: They deserve some sort of humanitarian award. Nobel Peace Prize maybe?

@ Reforming: Rent to own is a rip off that usually preys on the poor and ignorant.

@ Don: Always. I'm going in to make sliders right now, stop by.

@ Dana: Maybe you are ordering as a gift?

@ Paul: He is on all the time. I see him during Mike nad Mike on ESPN2.

@ Jenn: The Steelers are my back up team since the days of the Steel Curtain. Sorry about the jingle.

@ Adullamite: Nope, Steelers as in steel making. Pittsburgh was/is an industrial city.

@ Jen: He raised it to an art form.

@ Lauren: You need to read my Yankees blog. I wrote about the G-Men

@ MA: My favorites are the really long infommercials. I buy stuff and learn.

@ Jormen: It makes it seem like we're at the fair, so the look works.

@ Tiggy: Vince just seems so sincere. He really is looking out for us.

@ Heather: I appreciate the humor in them.

Anonymous said...


You know that cash for gold is just a laundering scam for house thieves, right?

Sandee said...

You just posted a very good reason we no longer have television. It was the best thing we ever did too.

Have a terrific day Crotchety. Hi to Mrs. Crotchety. :)

Anonymous said...

I won't be like Lauren and rub it in about the Giants, but I am hoping for an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl so this is one more step closer to that. If that happens, though, I'll be pulling for the Steelers

Kevenj said...

Tuff break about the Giants Dude,

I'm crying my Chicago Bears didn't go as well on the field as they're doing on the stock market.
But take great comfort in knowing you're not a Lions Fan, living high with a lot of newly built houses around an 'up&coming' area near an old GM assembly plant.

*The world's going to hell and we're bummed about some silly millionaires thowing a stupid ball around...

Swirl Girl said...

If I act now, will you double my order ?

I Hate Commercials said...
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The Self-Deprechaun said...

Billy Mays can sell anything, including children. He is on ESPN too. I would buy his beard if he threw in a free shammy.

Da Old Man said...

@ Mike: Wouldn't surprise me

@ Sandee: You aren't missing much.

@ Unfinished: I could deal with the Steelers winning. The Eagles would kill me

@ Kevin: But they are my favorite millionaires

@ Swirl: Just pay shipping and handling

@ Self: If he knew you'd buy it, he'd sell it

Michelle said...

I got nothing!!!!


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Yeah, the people who give free credit reports are EVIL. Nothing is free, man, nothing is free. You only get the free report if you sign up for their "programs" which cost you an arm and a testicle (or chesticle, depending on you know, your persuasion).

They can bite my ass!

But I would like to say Sham WOW rocks my world.

Anonymous said...

Must start watching television commercials. I seem to be missing the great American commerce carnival.

Chat Blanc said...

what's that new thingamabob Vince is selling--the slap a dick, or the pop a chop, or something like that? yeah, I'm disappointed in him cuz he's even more yelly in this latest commercial. must be taking lessons from Billy.

Chaotically Calm said...

Those crazy mini info-mercials tick me off as well, although the other day I almost dialed the 800 number to get the scratch off hair remover because it just looked interesting. It started me to thinking if I could use it on my cat? Not sure why I went there but I thought for a second my cat might look cool with a mohawk.

Oh and sorry about your Giant...I have one thing to say to that EAGLES!

I Hate Commercials said...

The meth addict on the shamwow commercial is the worst of all of them, he needs to be stopped.
And sorry about the giants, but go eagles!

Marianne said...

The best part of the ShamWow commercial is where they warn you about avoid any imitations. I would hate to get a sham ShamWow.

Mike Marshall said...

Hey Old Man! I live in San Diego..................Stupid Chargers! Peace, Mike.
P.S. I got nobody to root for.