Sunday, August 06, 2006

Talk about out of touch

Nothing shows the absolute contempt that big business has for the avwerage American than the way Con Ed handled the recent blackout in the borough of Queens, NYC.
In the middle of one gawdawful heat wave, the people (anywhere from a few thousand to 100,000 or more depending on whose estimate you use) were without electricity for 10 days. Some may have been out even longer as blackouts continue but on a much more limited basis.
Con Ed has decided that up to $500 will go to people who put in claims for lost food that was in storage. Businesses will get $7000. How they came up with these amounts, I have no idea. I'm sure that it will cover the real losses of food that most people had. If they had more, well, I guess Con Ed's attitude is "Tough Shit."
So far, so good. At least they have made an attempt to recognize that people had real losses, and the amount is at least a start. The flower shop, deli, luncheonette or whatever can at least have some cash to get going. If the losses were greater, I'm sure that down the road some legal action or insurance may get them their fair amount of compensation.
But here is where the contempt kicks in.
Con Ed announced that they will compensate the good people of Queens for their pain and suffering. For 10 days without electricity during one nasty heat wave, Con Ed will give every customer.....

3 dollars.

Three ($3.00, 3, tres, tre, III) American dollars.

That's no typo.

I'm not saying that any amount of money is appropriate to cover the pain and suffering of those families. And I'm not saying that they should receive anything. But 3 bucks is more than a slap in the face. It's the knee in the groin of compensation awards.

How out of touch with reality do the execs at Con Ed have to be to think that $3.00 is going to make anyone happy? Sure, maybe the guy panhandling on the corner may like to get 3 bucks, but a regular working person with a family?

That sums up much of what is wrong with America today.

More to follow in another rant.


savvy said...

I once worked a job in which I busted my ass for crap wages, and I am talking about a job I worked after I was 30. It was simple a situation driven by economic necessity, no biggie. The problem was when my review came, and after receiving some ridiculously positive review (97 out of 100) my supervisor told me he was recommending me for a raise. Of 10 cents an hour, in a 32 hr. a week job. Basically a total of $3.20, gross.

I was insulted, so I can't imagine a public utility providing a basic necessity for modern life offering me a $3 total for 10 days without power during the worst heat wave in forever.