Tuesday, August 01, 2006

That's why they make minimum wage.

Once again, raising the minimum wage is being discussed.

I think it is high enough.

Here's my reasoning:

All my friends, just about, started working at minimum wage, or at the least, an amount that was very small.
What did they do?

Every one did something different.

Some furthered their education by going to college. Others worked hard and moved up in the company. And still others, improved their skills and sought another company that would compensate them more equitably.

Not one remained stagnant and waited for the minimum wage to be raised.

So, why is that the apparent method in favor today?

I worked with a woman who made a little more than minimum wage. The company offers college reimbursement, and a chance to move up in the company. A degree pays about double what she makes.

In the 10 years that she has been in the company, she has done nothing to improve her skills. And she expects a raise when minimum wage goes up.

Does anyone realize that is not the way it works? Sure, my grandfather had a chance to work for one company and maybe get a raise just by being there, but that business style is out of fashion.

Why don't the minimum wage bleeding hearts wake up and live in the 21st century? Minimum wage is not enough, but it is not meant to be a lifelong goal. It is a step along the way.

Today, I went to the MickeyD's drive thru.

I ordered an iced coffee with no sugar, a cheeseburger, and apple slices.

I got chicken, fries, and coffee with sugar.

And those employees are worth more than minimum wage? They are barely worth that.


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