Monday, August 28, 2006

Toolbelt Diva

In the continuing series to help everyone become a better TV watcher, today I review Toolbelt Diva. This show is so much more than This Old House hosted by a hot chick. And the Diva herself is the best place to start. She reminds me of Fran Drescher, as she is good looking and has that New Yawk accent. But that is where the similarity ends. The Diva is either an ex-contractor, or she at least does a really great job impersonating one. She does appear to know her stuff.
The premise of the show is that the Diva shows up at someone's home and helps the homeowner do some sort of household repair. It may be a job like replacing the glass shower door (my favorite episode--more about that later) or putting in a new sidewalk.
The angle of the show is that the Diva guides the homeowner through the process. She demonstrates the technique, and the homeonwer then sweats right alongside the Diva. They do the teardown together, go to Home Depot, and then come back and do the repair/replacement. Along the way, the Diva may show what some tool does, or show some tip if you would like to try the home repair yourself. The Diva also itemizes the cost of the job. The show appears to be very informative.
But for those of us who can barely tell a screwdriver from a hammer, and have no desire to learn, the show is still pretty good. Most episodes feature attractive single women. In my favorite episode, the shower door one, a really well built blonde installs a shower glass door with the Diva's help. They both get sweaty, and for some reason, and believe me I'm not complaining, the busty blonde bounces in her tub.
This show is very hard to rate because the episodes are so inconsistent. The aforementioned shower door episode is a solid 8. But some other episodes could only be a 5.
So, if forced to come up with just one number, I'd have to rate this show a 6.7.


savvy said...

Sounds good, just one complaint... how about a pic of the lady?