Friday, August 04, 2006

Where have the Conservatives Gone?

I have noticed recently a large group of individuals who refer to themselves as "Conservatives." I find this very disturbing because they are anything but.
Neo-Con seems to be the term that is hung on them, and to be honest, I'm not very happy with that moniker either.
To me, a Conservative is one who believes in many of the traditional values as set forth in the Constitution. These values would be:
1. Respect for the law.
2. Respect for your fellow man.
3. A responsible government, particularly in fiscal matters.
4. An informed electorate that participates in the process.

I don't see any of this from the Neo-Cons. I see spending like a drunken liberal on a major bender. Our next generation will be hit with a debt that will absolutely strangle them. I see laws bent to fit the occasion. Lies and more lies. Big business running rampant. And I see citizens who do not even bother to get their sorry asses to the polls once every 4 years. Mid-term elections get even less participation.
And before anyone blames a Republican or a Democrat for this mess, go look in a mirror. Do you vote?
If you don't even bother to read about the candidates before an election, that doesn't count. If you are blindly pulling a lever because your Daddy always used to pull that same lever, then you are part of the problem.
When an incumbent has an almost certain chance of re-election based upon little more than that he is already in office-then the fault is the voter who allows a politician to turn a service into a career.
And yes, an elected official is a public servant. That is, they provide a service.

When was the last time you held the person in office accountable?

Get involved. Don't let any of these radicals from the far right or the far left turn our country into a cesspool.
Read a book. Subscribe to the Sunday paper and read more than the sports and comics. Go to an online news source.
Watch BBC news on TV, not infotainment as presented by Fox and CNN.
We need real consrvatives, people who love this country to put a stop to the Neo-Cons and the Ultra-Liberals.