Friday, December 05, 2008

Awards time

An extra special post will be here tomorrow, but it's better to get back on schedule with our normal Friday passing out of Zucchini and other bidness.

Rubba didn't do captions this week, but I'm pretty sure he hacked into my photobucket account.

"Hey... you ladies wanna see my noodle?"
By Lord Loser who wins the coveted


In total points, Mike came in second, and Etta third. First place votes were also scored by Jenn, Etta, and Mike, while multiple points were earned by Canucklehead, Freetheunicorns, Diva, Swirl, Kirsten, Kalos, and the Mommy Bloggers Petra and Kickassmom.

More stats from this week: 25% of the judges were disgusted, and 17% of readers were scared and deeply concerned.

On to other important stuff: Kirsten, everyone's favorite Soccer Mom, passed along this award to the blog


If you are not a regular reader you certainly should be. She is not your regular mommyblogger. I assure you, that is a good thing. She is a member of the Humorbloggers group, which is your guarantee of quality funny.

And lastly, another blogging buddy, Ettarose, has tagged me with a meme. Etta is also a member of the Humor cabal, so you can count on her for top notch humor. Youse guys already know more about me than my family, so I'll spare you the seven random facts, and 7 tags of others. (remember when everything used to be 3?) and just give you one really funny one.

I have appeared on the cover of a professional journal, dressed in a Pacific Islander costume, complete with spear. No, I am not going to post the picture. Photobucket

Voting is still open. Do it for Greenland.


Gianetta said...

At least it was a Santa hat and not a Santa sock. LOL

eve cleveland said...

Old Man...
Wait what? You are not gonna post us a picture of that? I am on my way over there to dump out all those old shoe boxes of photos till I find that one. Your fans are waiting.

Adullamite said...

Indeed 'memes' now demand 'seven' facts, why not three? Why any some ask?

I await the next great post with trepidation, whatever that means.

Chat Blanc said...

Congrats Lord Loser! wait, is that an oxymoron?

Unknown said...

It was a truly horrifying photo... and thus, a joy to caption. :)

Congrats to the Lord!

LL said...

Woohoo! I shall carry the Zucc with pride.

And I'm with Eve... that picture of you should show up on the caption contest now.

Da Old Man said...

@ MA: True dat

@ Eve: Nope. Ain't gonna happen.

@ Adullamite: As it is, my family reads the memes here to find out about me.

@ Chat: I'm not sure. But we shouldn't call anyone a moron. Especially an oxy one.

@ Jenn: It was rather disturbing.

@ LL: Never.

Anonymous said...

Congrats LL on your big Zucchini!

And congrats Joe on your award too! :)

A New Yorker said...

NOPE think we need that photo of you!

Da Old Man said...

@ Angie: Thanks. And LL did a great job.

@ Lauren: Nope

Jormengrund said...

Dan, you lie!

Admit it.. You're the picture we just did the caption contest for!

I mean, really..

Do you think we're that dense?

Congrats on the awards!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the kind words!
Congrats to Lord Loser!!

Da Old Man said...

@ Jormen: He was out of town for a while

@ Kirsten: They are 100% true

The Hussy Housewife said...

Is it a whole wheat noodle?

kalos_eidos said...

Congrats to both of you on the awards!

Unknown said...

You are so very sweet to say something nice about me. I am going to post a totally strange pic of me. It came from my 7 strange things about me. If I can post a pic of my tongue then you can post a pic of yourself. Hell you could use it as a caption this and we would never know.

Da Old Man said...

@ Hussy: LOL

@ Kalos: Thanks

@ Etta: I would know.