Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two for Tuesday

It's officially winter, and I am looking forward to spring. I may be jumping the gun highlighting blogs that specialize in flowers and plants, but I'm freezing my tuchas off and it has been snowing, or at least threatening to snow every day. It has been Christmas seemingly since October, and I just need something different. Plus both of these blogs have posted about and pictured some seasonal greenery. Yesterday's Christmas tree I drew didn't quite fill the bill.

The author of Water Once a Week http://www.wateronceaweek.blogspot.com/ has done a nice series on seasonal and Holiday plants featuring some of the legends and history of those bits of greenery we use to decorate our homes. Throughout the year, she shares some wonderful photos from her garden and farmer's markets, and various floral related sites in her Canadian neighborhood. Over the summer, she provided some great live links to Monarch Butterfly migration studies, too. I usually stop by every few days to have a look around her blog.

The second one I'd like to highlight is The Midnight Gardener www.midnightgarden12.wordpress.com/ Greg, the blog author, is a talented photographer who shares tons of photos. Most are from a very unusual perspective, and not your run of the mill petunia pictures. Probably my favorite series was his walking tour of the New England village near his home featuring a Christmas tree made from lobster traps. He recently went to Rockefeller Center, and took some very nice pictures of "The Tree." Those of us in the NY/NJ area don't need any more explanation than "The Tree." Tell someone you are going to the City to see "The Tree" and that is all we need to hear. The rest of the country would need to ask which city or which tree, but we all know.

I hope you enjoy these sites. Both are very visual, and both have well written posts to go along with the photos.

Another thing I like but may not have mentioned, these bloggers use mostly original photos, so you are not going to see the same things you have seen everywhere else.



A New Yorker said...

Stop stealing our words. We Jooooos have so very little of our own things!!! Harumph! ;P [tuchas]

Unknown said...

Hi crotchety, just popping in to say howzit and to tell you I have somethin fur ya at my place.

Marvel Goose said...

Plants?!? Baby, it'd cold outside! I'll put another log on the fire, wifey, and we can get under this blanket together. Yummy, who needs plants?

Sandee said...

I'm with you. When Christmas is over bring on spring. I'm not a winter fan at all.

Have a terrific day and stay warm. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Lauren: But it's such a good word

@ Etta: I'll be by. I stop in every day, ya know.

@ Marvel: Plants are very existential

@ Sandee: I'm starting to get tired of winters. If I could afford it, I'd be a snowbird.
Have a great day.

Donnie said...

Hi Da...good choices I'm sure. I'll have to check them out. Hope that you're doing well today...later

Jormengrund said...

You really ARE an old guy, aren't you?

Do you also putter around in your garden growing flowers and stuff?

If so, I'm completely disillusioned here, and kind of disappointed..

Unless those flowers are roses, and you're using the thorns for some other insidious and nasty surprise..

ReformingGeek said...

Thanks for making me think of Spring. I needed that. Now can I have some sun down here please??

Da Old Man said...

@ Don: They are both worth a look. Kind of different.

@ Jormen: No, I just have an apprecaition for nature. At least nature that doesn't attack like monkeys or turtles or bees.

@ Reforming: The days officially started to get longer yesterday.

HumorSmith said...

Yeah...I hate winter too, which is why I'm really hoping I won't have to move back to WA.

Anonymous said...

Plants, flowers, warmth, anything but this god awful frigid and snowing carp!

I got saved by my son's friend when he stopped to shovel the messy white stuff from the drive, at this point, there is no where to put it.. I'd like to put it up someone's back end, but who?

I gotta move! BRING on the plants & spring!

Da Old Man said...

@ Humor: I'm guessing it's even worse up there.

@ Susie: I remember that I used to like winter. Now?
Fahgeddaboudit. :)

Michelle said...

Hi old man thanks for sharing!!!

I love finding new and different blogs to enjoy!!!

Have a good night!!!

This Brazen Teacher said...

I'm jealous. Ohio is having a brown christmas so far...

Da Old Man said...

@ Michelle: You do the same

@ Brazen: Unless the brown comes from cow poop (could be as I have never been to Ohio, oh wiat, I was in Cincinnati one day) it is better than this icy cold crap.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm a little late stopping by to say thanks, aren't I? Hope the winter's treating you well. Have you seen the bluebirds...?

Anonymous said...


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