Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meh-ry Christmas

I'm sitting here enjoying my Christmas decorations.

I'm not saying they are really sad or anything, but basically, my festively decorated home consists of a Christmas card from my insurance agent and my Yule a Go Go (now with LED lights!) Christmas tree.

What happened? I used to really be into Christmas. I need to blame someone.

The Spawn (who by the way, is an extra in a Bollywood movie being filmed today) has pretty much outgrown toys and stuff. All of the Crotchety Old Lady's grandkids just want cash. Bottom line, another toyless Christmas. Photobucket

I suggested that maybe we have a kid. That didn't go over very well. She said caring for one big baby at a time is enough. I have no idea what she was talking about. Maybe she was just cranky because I complained that she didn't stir my hot chocolate right. She can be like that, you know.

But I like toys, darn it. I thought about setting up my trains (I have a few hundred) but they bore me.

I have suggested to the Crotchety Old Lady how much fun it would be to set up a slot car track in the living room, but she's against it. *sigh*

I even picked one nice set out for her, and I'm pretty sure that annoyed her even more.

There is just no making that woman happy some days.


Kelly Ann said...

Aww but I bet you'd make her happy but stirring and serving her hot chocolate right.. ;)

Janna said...

Now I'm craving hot chocolate...

I got a Christmas card from MY insurance agent today too. :)

Paul Eilers said...

Crotchety Old Man, you are too good!

Joy To The World!

Unknown said...

Oh sweety, I feel bad for you. My husband keeps wanting to buy airplanes and race cars even though the kids are not into that anymore. I would, on the other hand let him build a racetrack in my living room. Just leave me and my computer alone. I wish you both the best Christmas in spite of no toys. I still think you need a sugar glider (look them up, they are adorable)

Unknown said...

Just remind her again of the jewelry you got her that time. That might soften her up in preparation for the Granny Racer slot cars. :)

Kevenj said...

"There is just no making that woman happy some days."

Indeed, I know what you mean Crotchety Old Man.

When the boys are over during Monday Night Football we try our best to throw the cans as close to the waste paper basket as possible (without getting up) and still Crotchety Old Woman complains.

Sometimes you just can't please women.

Michelle said...

Old man i love you today!!


You made me smile!!!

Still, though old woman has a point!!! GROW UP OLD MAN!!!

I want hot cocoa!!! NOW!!!

Merry Christmas!!

A New Yorker said...

And I'm supposed to feel sad and depressed for being single around the holidays....WHY?

Adullamite said...

That woman does not appreciate the good things in life! However slot cars are out! Biggest mistake I made was dumping the train set for Scalextric racing cars! The trains the thing! get her busy setting it up for you and enjoy yourself - you deserve it!

ReformingGeek said...

Yeah, Christmas is supposed to be about toys, right?

Wait a minute. I think there is something else we are supposed to be celebrating......I've just about got it....Uh....

I give up. Maybe it's about chocolate and liquor since I'm making rum balls today.

Da Old Man said...

@ Chica: I'm positive she really likes taking care of me. How could I take that joy away?

@ Janna: She's been adding a teaspoon of unsweetened dutch cocoa so it tastes like a chocolate bar.

@ Paul: I know. She's a lucky lady.

@ Etta: I just looked them up. Pretty awesome little critters.

@ Jenn: That time? LOL. The woman has too much jewelry, if such a thing is possible.

@ Kevin: And heaven knows we try

@ Michelle: I refuse to grow up. Merry Christmas :)

@ Lauren: Not a requirement

@ Adullamite: I like running my trains on massive layouts. I was spoiled by ones of 50 scale miles or more. Anything less is tame.


Da Old Man said...

@ Reforming: It's all about the toys. And liquor.

LL said...

I do believe you're on to something...

I think that the Missus would definitely warm up once she was playing with the Granny Racers, you should get them anyway.

Donnie said...

Oh man! Slot cars! I used to love slot cars!!! Boy, you just brought back some fun memories with that remark...

Anonymous said...


I guess it's true about men and their toys.

Sheesh, I don't know why she would get so annoyed with you -- you being so thoughtful and all!

"my festively decorated home consists of a Christmas card from my insurance agent and my Yule a Go Go".....Hehehehehe

Sandee said...

I'm surprised you aren't in the doghouse right now. Bwahahahahaha. Best regards to your wife.

Have a terrific day. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ LL: She could be cranky if she gets the wrong gift

@ Don: My all time favorite, too

@ Angie: We never outgrow them

@ Sandee: I'm usually there. Thanks, and you have a great day, too.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of a slot car track in the living room is a wonderful idea!

The Hussy Housewife said...

I am up for adoption if you and your wife are intrested. I promise that I share and play nice with others..let me know what wifey thinks.

Da Old Man said...

@ CJ: I know. It's a reasonable request.

@ Hussy: I'll see what she says.

Kirsten said...

LOL!Granny racers!! You really are slick with the women!! :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Are our Insurance agents the ONLY ones who care about Christmas these days?

And what the hell does Mrs Crotchety want, already?

I know! You should buy her a automatic hot chocolate stirrer for Christmas. I bet she'd LOVE that!

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: I do have my way.

@ Nanny: It would make her life easier.