Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Coffee Chat

I like coffee but it tends to have negative effects on me at times, but every so often a cup is nice. On Christmas, my sister made some Mystic Monk Coffee. My concern, of course, was what do the monks do to the coffee to make it so mystical. It turns out that the monks are just into coffee. That was a great relief to me. I was truly afraid it was similar to Kopi Luwak coffee. I’m sure you have heard of that by now. It is coffee, errmm, “processed” by cats. Yeah, people pay crazy big bucks to drink coffee made from beans that have “passed through” civets, also known as Toddy Cats.
But before you decide to feed coffee beans to Fluffy in the name of a better morning beverage, just be assured, it probably won’t work. Civets aren’t really cats, but are some freaky looking Asian critter that looks like a cat, but is probably more like a weasel. Which incidentally, raises another point, as Weasel Coffee is also being produced. You can look it up on the Google.

This, naturally, brings me to scientists with crappy jobs. As bad a job as those scientists who had to taste ear wax had, right now, as we speak, scientists are experimenting to see if farm raised civets can produce cat poop coffee every bit as good as wild cat poop coffee.

Imagine that conversation as the scientist comes home to the family for the Holidays.

"So, Nigel, what are you doing with that fancy schmancy doctorate degree from the University that set your mother and me back thousands and thousands of dollars? Curing cancer, AIDS, or world hunger?"

"Yes, I'm working with food technology and biological interactions thereof."

Best Part of Waking Up


Have a Happy Monday. How do you take your coffee? Mine is cat poop free.


tahtimbo said...

I can imagine that this coffee will be showing up at our neighborhood Starbucks where they will charge us $6.00 to drink Civet poop. Oh, they do add whipped topping:)

Swirl Girl said...

uh- I'll think I'll opt for tea tomorrow morning.

Unknown said...

I heard Safeway will have it on sale soon. Do you think I can get my dog to eat some of those beans? I mean poop is poop right?

Unknown said...

Damned it. I'm coffee fanatic I'm gonna have to find a new crutch.

tashabud said...

I'll better rush out to Safeway and to be sure to stock up on them! BTW, you're all invited for some coffee at my house on Saturday. Hope you all can make it. Heehee.


Gerry Hatrić said...

Strictly poop free. How do people come up with these ideas? I mean, you run out of your finest Java, and think, "I know, I'll try some of that poop lying outside."


A New Yorker said...

Well seeing that I have three cats...maybe it's not such a bad thing they're doing. I could actually have a real money maker on my hands. The sheeples ARE that stoooopid! :)

ReformingGeek said...

We've been trying to get the cat to contribute to the household for years now.

One man's "waste" is another man's treasure as to brutally ruin that phrase.

CS McClellan/Catana said...

Just one more reason to be a tea drinker.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I finished my coffee before stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Yay for tea! I don't drink coffee (not 'cause I don't like it... it just doesn't like me)... but right now, I have never felt so good about that.

Lidian said...

Oh, I think I'll just stick to the coffee we have here, just regular ordinary cheap stuff. The non-scientist-tested kind!

Tea is good too.

Unknown said...

I too prefer a nice cat-poop-free blend... what is up with people??

Donnie said...

Oh, look at the picture! How sweet...crumpets to go with kitty coffee.
Is Schlitz a morning beverage? Think I'll go find out.

Marvel Goose said...

I wonder why the spammers haven't picked up on this product: faked civit processed coffee beans.

Anyone interested in coffee beans that were eaten by a Goose? I have some but supplies are limited!

Melanie said...

Hmmm, think I'll stick with Folgers or maybe Schlitz like Don. I can't believe anyone would buy such a thing.

BTW, civet cats are also found in North America. They are a very "aromatic" animal. Actually they reek worse than a skunk!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I hate coffee, but even if I loved it I would never, ever drink from the ass of a, erm, anything. :D

Da Old Man said...

@ Tahtimbo: It would be a bargain at that price. I've heard of places selling it for up to $100 a cup

@ Swirl Girl: Me too.

@ Etta: Can you imagine? Different breeds with different flavors. LOL

@ Liz: Just avoid coffee with hair balls in it

@ Tasha: I've become a tea drinker. No offense intended

@ Mulled: Someone braver than me

@ Lauren: The perfect home business

@ Reforming: It's about time pets pulled their weight.

@ Catana: I'm with you

@ Jen: I know :)

@ Shadow: Me too. Sometimes it bothers me, so I have to be careful

@ Lidian: I'll stick with whatever Mrs. buys from Stop & Shop, too

@ Jenn: I'm with you on that. Better yet, green tea for me.

@ Schlitz would work any time of the day.

@ Marvel: I'll pass on Goose Brew

@ Melanie: Really? But no coffee plants around for them to "process"

Da Old Man said...

@ Angie: I'm even uncomfortable eating turkey stuffing.

Sandee said...

Oh Lord. I need a real cup of coffee. Have a great day. :)

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

are you serious? what is going on with this world??

That Janie Girl said...

I'm a tea drinker.

Thank God.

Lola said...

They had that coffee in the movie "Bucket List". I thought they made it up.

I'll take Papa Nicholas Kona Blend any day. No civet poop for me thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. His name would have to be Nigel, wouldn't it?

As for the ear wax, and fitting in with your cat theme for the day, my cat loves to lick ear wax off Q-tips. The Wife calls them lollipops.

Da Old Man said...

@ Sandee: Dunkin Donuts is safe

@ Petra: Scary, isn't it?

@ Janie: Can't say I blame you

@ Lola: Kona works for me, too

@ Unfinished: Cats do some strange things

Matt said...

"Imagine that conversation as the scientist comes home to the family for the Holidays."

"Hi, Hon, how was your day?"

"Really shitty. Is there any coffee?"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it would work with hamsters. They're close to weasels, right?

Anonymous said...

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