Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Saturday, Crappy week continues

It has been a bad week, with the cable troubles earlier in the week, and now the week ends with aggravation.

Oh, and I am annoyed. In fact, an entire industry has me rankled.

Banks and Bankers.

I hate bankers. A lot. I suppose they must have a use, but overall, they are pretty damned slimy critters. I don't mean the nice lady who takes my piece of paper, and gives me other, more usable pieces of paper back. I mean the big mucky mucks. The turn our economy into crap while they make billions bankers.

I get a notice in the mail that I forgot to pay my credit card bill. I forgot to pay $15 on a bill of a bit over $100. Ok, my fault. I messed up.

So, I simply call the electronic payment thing and try to pay off the card. Like I stated, it's only a bit over $100. And I have more than $100 in THE SAME BANK. But, they froze my account. They charged me $29.00 because I forgot to pay $15. So far, they are charging me 100% interest (loan sharks call it the vig) on my late payment. It is due immediately, and that works out to 1200% interest annually.

Meanwhile, these thieving bastages, are paying me 1% interest on the money they are holding in my account that they have stolen froze.

Exactly how incompetant were banks that went under when they make such a tremendous profit?

And before anyone tells me that banks were forced to make bad loans by the gubmint, yeah, I know. And I also know that among the biggest contributors to political campaigns is the banking and finance industry. Gives one pause doesn't it?

I'm not in a very good mood today. I hate banks. Banks suck.

Do Amish people use banks?

Slightly Friendlier than Bankers


Chunks of Reality said...

Hello dear! I know exactly what you mean about how awful bankers are. My bank charges $35!!! It is bank robbery!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the Entrecard credits. I can't wait for the big day! :)


I hope your weekend gets better.

A New Yorker said...

Holy crap! You hit some HUGE points that most people have completely missed. You should send this to the papers.

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

I hate banks too! I hate being late on payments and I was once late and had the super outrageous $29 too! Plus did u hear about the guy from Merill Lynch who worked for a month and then left and got a $25 million lay off - I agree BANKS SUCK!

Gianetta said...

Amish bankers are all named Brother Vito and they dress in handmade overalls instead of handmade Italian suits.

Swirl Girl said...

Amish don't use banks, nor do they use money.

I think they barter with laborious tasks like barn raisings and the like.

Paul Eilers said...

On top of that, banks only loan you the money when you don't need it.

I often wonder if the free toaster was worth it?

Adullamite said...

Difficult to disagree with any of that Joe! The Governments help them out of the mess they have made - there is no choice or the economy collapses - yet they refuse to pass on any benefits while raking in the cash! I wonder if any government anywhere will have the guts to take them on and change things?

Unknown said...

It's BS isn't it.. the billions they make, then they have the nerve to do that to you when THEY are the reason we are in this financial crunch in the first place... @ssholes

Jane Doe said...

Man, do I ever agree with you! I had a problem with my bank account a couple times, I had made a mistake in my math and bounced a couple of checks and they charged me over $30 (each check) to cover them. I mean, really, if I couldn't afford to cover the checks in the first place, do they really think I can afford the $30+ fee for my mistake? And, yes, I can admit that I made a mistake, but how much did it really cost them to cover those checks anyway? Not to mention that my weekly direct deposit was coming through the very next day. They prey on people like a giant succubus.

The only thing as bad as banks are the phone companies. Especially Qwest!

Kevenj said...

Yea Crotchety, and the carrying costs on my drug shipments from Mexico are rediculous, let alone if I 'forget' to make a payment.

But what you forgot to mention that's even friggin worse than them raping you with a $29 charge is that it goes on your credit record from here to eternity.
You know who I mean-the credit agencies? The same club that days before said that ENRON, BEAR STERNS and other stocks were triple A rated?

Want that mortgage @ 4.79% teaser rate? How about that new 0% car loan?
"Sorry Mr. Crotchety,I see you've been late before...and the bank was forced to freeze your account to reclaim the money that was rightfully theirs."
I'm sure you understand.
"How about a nice 19.96% interest only payment?"

Donnie said...

Damn. Hope that next week is much better for you. Just go watch some old cartoons or some 3 stooges for awhile.

Michelle said...

So, i always thought about those pieces of paper we have to use to purchase things!! Plus the USA has the ugliest money ever!!! The money from other countries are so much more colorful and pretty!! Almost like play money!! So, why can't i play???

Happy Saturday!

ReformingGeek said...

We obviously need a new system. Create ingenious storage containers for money and strategically place them around your house. To earn interest, move money from one to the other.

Wait a minute. That's sound like corporate accounting.

I hate fees of any kind. We have a timeshare and I can really go off on the fees that are charged here and there. Somebody's making money and it's not me.

Unknown said...

You convinced me: you're upset, aren't you?
Exorbitant fees!

Da Old Man said...

@ Chunks: Glad you liked them. Banks suck

@ Lauren: I doubt they care

@ Heather: Yes, I did. Unbelievable, isn't it?


@ Swirl: I'd be better with barn lowerings. Sounds easier.

@ Paul: Definately not. That's why I bought my own toaster

@ Adullamite: They are in bed together

@ Dzzblnd: Pretty much

@ Jane: 30 bucks is ridiculous.

@ Kevin: Yup, and then all credit companies charge higher interest. I feel badly for folks who are struggling to pay, so now they get charged even more. It's crazy.

@ Don: I could use about 3 hours of the Stooges right now, but only the ones with Curly.

@ Michelle: Not a bad idea.

@ Reforming: Corporate accounting is creative, isn't it? I just got my timeshare bill and I'm afraid to open it.

@ Sherry: Yes, you noticed. I tried to be subtle.

Anonymous said...

I feel for ya... and know exactly how you feel. I had a similar experience with Pay-pal and my bank a few years back. I tried to stop a transfer of $10 from my bank to paypal since I just plain didn't have the cash in my bank at the time (I don't trust banks... once I deposit my money, I take it out and keep it in my house)... well, paypal's site wasn't working properly, so the link to stop the transfer wouldn't work... so, not only did I NOT end up with $10 in my paypal account, I ended up with a $10 charge for trying to take out money that wasn't there plus a $30 over-draft fee. If the $10 was transferred to my paypal, I wouldn't have been so ticked... but, needless to say, I was pretty peeved paying $40 for absolutely nothing.

Matt said...

I go to the bank every day to make our store's deposit, and I can't tell you how many times I have had to sit for twenty minutes and more at the "Commercial" drive through window.

Now they verify every check we deposit before they accept it. Meanwhile, yup, I'm sitting at the window burning over-priced gasoline. Love those banks.

Anonymous said...

I hate banks too. My bank got 6 billion in the bailout...thats 6 BILLION! And they charged me 37.50 because a payment got to my bank minutes before a deposit hit it. Now payments get taken out in real time. Deposits sit in limbo for 2-3 days. How the f does that work? Banks suck!

Gerry Hatrić said...

I share your vitriol. Bunch of bar stewards, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, banks are terrible. Even when they screw something up, they'll still try to hit you for a fee of some sort.

Nonsense! Bankers are almost as bad as lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Awww Joe...that sucks...I hope you have a better day ... :)

The Hussy Housewife said...

I'll so a blog-by on them if you want. They do suck..and it is legal.

I hope you cheer up...I mean I am back now...doesn't put a smile on your face?

Thanks for taking care of the place while I was gone:)

Da Old Man said...

@ Shadow: 40 bucks for nothing? I'm not surprised. Typical bank business

@ Matt: And I bet they pat themselves on the back for such great customer service

@ Jen: Yup, you wait for your money, they take theirs instantly.

@ Mulled: Total

@ The Hawg: It's a toss up

@ Dani: Thanks. Tomorrow's post will have the follow up.

@ Hussy: You have safely returned, so all is good.

savvy said...

Hey buddy, these are the kinds of posts from you I enjoy. I would love to see more from you re: the evil that is the banking industry (read: legalized extortion). Your funny stuff is fine, but this is the true crotchety for me; angry, intelligent, and an educator. Teach, amuse, crank us up.

Lipstick said...

Poor Crotchety! That is just the sort of thing that could make you crotchety-er. You need one of Da Old Lady's PB and J sandwiches.

Da Old Man said...

@ Savvy: I have to control my anger and rage or I'll wind up back in the hospital.

@ Lipstick: She won't make me PB&J any more. She said I should be able to make my own sandwich. I truied to tell her she does it better, but I remain sandwichless.