Friday, October 17, 2008

Caption This Winner Announced

In what was the most controversial vote ever, the staff at Crotchety Old Man World Wide Headquarters and Discount House of Worship worked and deliberated to come up with a winner.

First place votes went to MA Fat Woman, Tahtimbo, Mike, and Bradley. Multiple points were also amassed by Humorsmith, Janna, Matt, Chat, Drew, Rubba, Gumby, and Dani.

But the winner, and the recipient of the Zucchini Award and 1000 entrecard credits


Middle Aged Fat Woman

Damn thongs!! Pull it out, will ya?

Second place (and a really popular caption with some judges)

went to Tahtimbo, and 3rd place was Mike.

Thank you to everyone as we had 37 captions this week. I have to really find something bizarre , weird mentally stimulating next week.

I am working on a huge contest in the next week or thereabouts, so make sure you keep checking in. It will involve chocolate and perhaps a new car. (ed. note: Absolutely no way is Crotchety giving away a new car. There will be chocolate, though. Good chocolate, not that crappy Hershey's stuff.)

And when you go to Humorbloggers, be sure to vote for your old pal, Crotchety.

They have zucchini recipes at:


A New Yorker said...

This contest is rigged. Sorry folks ....MINE WAS BETTER. Well it WAS! ;p

Anonymous said...

Wow... I sooo don't know how The Offended Blogger didn't win or get first place votes...

Kudos to anyone who was able to come up with a caption for that!

Unknown said...

You offer us humor AND chocolate, Crotchety? Is it any wonder you are universally adored???!

Gianetta said...

Thongs, G-strings, and all of the problems that come from wearing them are a part of my daily life. The MA fat woman requires G-ropes and duct tape to keep everything properly jiggling and a crow bar to pull out the thong most evenings. Thank you, I'm beginning to like zucchini.

Anonymous said...

I think it was rigged Ol Man. Only those of us who DIDN'T post an answer can say that and not sound petty. Next week I'm gonna get here sooner so that all the great answers aren't already taken!

Da Old Man said...

@ Lauren: The decision of the judges is final

@ Shadow: The judges voted, I only report them. But, my daughter liked Offended's comment, but placed it fourth. Fourth gets no zucchini

@ Jenn: Good chocolate, too. I'm thinking Dove. I'm putting the contest together now.

@ MA Fat Woman: You are a multiple winner

@ Never rigged. I have others vote on it, or else I would just pick yours every time. Even when you don't enter.

Anonymous said...

Dammit -- I can't believe I didn't win. Oh wait, I couldn't come up with anything. :(

Okay. Congrats to the weiner!!!

Seriously, like me, does anyone here want to know exactly what the hell they were doing in that photo? I've racked my brain -- got nothin'!

ReformingGeek said...

Congrats to the winner! Send over that chocolate and you'll get my vote. I say that to everyone though!

Da Old Man said...

@ Angie: It's one of the great mysteries of the universe.

@ Reform: The chocolate contest is being put together. This stuff takes time. And I have to get the chocolate.

TheFLy said...

Nice job, Im gonna admit. I half-assed this caption contest. I was out of alcohol and my sober mind couldnt quite ooze out anything worth of being funny enough. So I chugged some NyQuil and a lame ass caption poured outta me, then I passed out and had a euphoric dream about midgets and big shoes.

buzz buzz

Vylat said...

I'll be back for the chocolate!

Rubba said...

Robbed ------->

SCREW THE JUDGES. . .:-O . . . lol

Da Old Man said...

@ The FLy: Nyquil just doesn't work as well as alcohol.

@ PlantBuddy: I could have guessed

@ Rubba: Aren't you one of the judges?

Chat Blanc said...

Yay for the winners!!

I'm soooooo there for the chocolate, I mean the next contest, I mean the next contest with CHOCOLATE!!! I'm going to start training for the competition right now! Wait, what is the contest going to be exactly? Ah, who cares, I'll do anything for CHOCOLATE! :P

Da Old Man said...

@ Chat: Don't worry, it will be fun and easy. Kind of like me.

Rubba said...

"@ Rubba: Aren't you one of the judges?"

heh heh. . lol