Thursday, October 09, 2008

Health Alert

I'm watching TV (as per usual) and suddenly, a promo for the news comes on "Tune in at 11 to find out which foods are making you fat!!!"

Ok, seriously, is there anyone left in the USA who has no idea that

is not a healthy choice for most people? As much as in denial that I am (and believe me I'm in deep) I know my physique


Crotchety's Stunt Double

did not come from eating salads and vegetables. Well, ok, partly, but the vegetables were deep fried and battered, and generously covered with cheese, but you know what I mean.

Quickly, Google "diets," and you will find tens of millions of entries. What has the news found out that the 94,000,031 sites on Google don't know? I refused to tune in. The last time I was suckered in by one of the promos, they announced that the best way to lose weight is diet and exercise. Photobucket

You are surprised as I was, huh?

Check back tomorrow to see who won the caption contest, see what new award the blog received, and chocolate. (ed. note: Crotchety isn't giving out chocolate tomorrow. He has CRS. That is a future contest.)

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MYM said...

I've been going to Weight Watchers for 12 weeks now and have lost 12 lbs and ... I go to McDonalds once a week. It's about when you eat and portion size.

Anyway, everyone's different. I've always been fat ... that's me. When I lived with my sister & her husband for a year he couldn't believe what I ate because he figured I must eat a lot because I've always been fat. He was surprised that I really didn't overeat anymore than anyone else, I eat pretty normally ... but unlike him who's like a stick ... I gain weight. He can't gain no matter how much he eats!

We're all different, thank goodness.

Adullamite said...

Eat less and better, then keep on the move loses weight.

Trouble is if I keep on the move I need to eat to keep me on the move to lose weight by exercising....

Unknown said...

Well, it's nice to know that SOME people already have ALL the answers, but it would seem that you should not be so quick to include yourself in their number, my dear Crotchety. For one of those dietary news promos reported that there is a direct link between fat-headedness and CRS (along with being a devout Yankees fan)!!!

Now, what do you think of that??? Enquiring minds want to know.

Unknown said...

well, thank you so much for ruining my diet. I thought the meal pictured was the way to keep in shape. Round is definitely a shape. I learned that in kindergarten!

A New Yorker said...

You'd be surprised how many ignornant people there are. I hear people, fat people say the stupidest things all the time here in the BIG APPLE. I have a friend from NJ who actually thinks HiC is good for his kid. He even put it on video tape stating that it has 10% juice, yum how good. Then he wonders why his kid is hyper all the time. And you can't correct him, g-d forbid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with drowsey - it's portion control! I am a fellow WW'r too!

This Brazen Teacher said...

My significant other is an executive chef at italian restaurant. Essentially he's on his feet from 9am to 10pm six days a week. His diet indludes italian meatballs and pasta for lunch, and fast food for dinner. He doesn't work out.

AND (much to my chagrin) he has not an ounce of fat on his body. Aside from the fact that he gets almost no nutrition, he still burns off all the junk he takes in.


eve cleveland said...

Ol Man,
I want to squeeze you real hard now.

Da Old Man said...

@ Drowsey: WTG. Congrats on your success at WW. Metabolism plays a big part.

@ Adullamite: I move a lot. Unfortunately, it's between MickeyD's and White Castle and Wendy's.

@ Haven't I suffered enough with my Yankees this season? Must you rub salt in my wounds? It's bad enough the stupid Red Sox are playing for the championship, and Joe Torre is managing the Dodgers. I need a cheeseburger.

@ Etta: That's always been my theory. My doctors tend to disagree. :(

@ Lauren: But the commercials used to say it was fruit juicy. Commercials don't lie. :)

@ Susie: True. And I'm good at portion contriol. It's the number of portions I have a problem with at times.

@ Brazen: I'm so jealous.

@ Eve: I'd giggle like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Kirsten said...

MacDonald's makes you fat?

Paul Eilers said...

Both my dad and grandad died of cancer.

And a good friend of mine died of leukemia when he was just 32 years old.

We need to live life a little, eat, drink and be merry at times.

But we also need to take care of ourselves too.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the liquid food diet for about a week (I have gastroenteritis, or however the heck they spell that), so we'll see how much weight I lose :-P

ReformingGeek said...

I guess if you'd limit your order to 1 Big Mac and Fries occasionally, you'd probably be OK and MickeyDicks does have salads ;-). I'm a big moderation fan. We have taste buds for a reason. Enjoy but don't gorge yourself. I could go on and on but I won't.

Anonymous said...

Stop screwin' around old man -- I'm totally in denial and I like it that way!! :^P

hehehe...yah, can you believe that they thought we would actually stay up until 11pm for health info -- pfft -- they better throw something out there better than that. :^P

HumorSmith said...

Geez....fatty food can make you fat. Next they'll be trying to tell us exercise is good for us.

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: Worked for me

@ Paul: Good advice

@ Shadow: Oy. I hope you get better fast

@ Reform: 1 Big mac? Will they even sell me that?

@ Angie: They need a much better tease for us

@ Humor: Who knew? Uhhhmmm, everybody. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I did a post a while back concerning a late breaking news bulletin that would be aired at 11:00pm and I stayed up to see what it was:

EAT LESS AND EXERCISE MORE was the lead-in, and different studies had turned in that amazing information.

Anonymous said...

And after reading some of the answers here, I'd say that most of these people would listen to that bulletin and get all excited over the news.

Da Old Man said...

@ Dana: Who wouldn't?

Greg said...

Those promo tags drive me nuts. I love the one you hear late in the afternoon that says, "Is the food your serving for dinner making your family sick...or worse? Tune in to our special report at ELEVEN."

And what, just bloody FAST until then...?? I don't tune in, mostly. I like to think that alone makes me more healthy.

Da Old Man said...

@ Greg: Those are so funny. If it's so important, why can't they tell me at the 5, or 6 news?

Anonymous said...

Well, no diet plan comes out clean on all aspects. New studies are started off so that
a) Despondent, hungry researchers can make some money. Hey, they need to eat too. They'll eat McD, but they don't have to show that in the report.
b) They can find out a new combination for the diet. The basic guideline is - boiled vegetables good, fried pork bad. But they have to have a blend, a good compromise between several factors such as time taken to reduce weight, ease of sticking to the diet, etc...

I've heard of a revolutionary new diet. It's an eat-all-you-want,-when-you-want diet. It scores pathetically on "Losing Weight", "Living Healthy", and "Energy Boost", but it has a perfect score on "Ease of following"

Da Old Man said...

@ Hammy: I tried that one. It was grat. But you're right, I didn't lose an ounce.