Monday, October 27, 2008

Crotchety's Chocolate Covered Contest Day 4

Before anything else, I want to announce the best post to date and one of the Sunday winners:

One of my absolute favorite bloggers, and one of the funniest, dedicated a hilarious post to the contest. How could I not make her a winner?

And before I announce the other lucky winners, an important chocolate fact. Did you ever get that white looking stuff on a chocolate bar?

And here is the answer to that age old question, "What is this white crap on my candy bar?"

The whitish discoloration is called "fat bloom," which occurs when cocoa butter separates from the crystallized chocolate mixture and comes to the surface, says Dr. Barbara Struempler, an Extension nutritionist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

It is perfectly safe and has no taste. According to the Ghiradelli site it happens when chocolate, during shipping or otherwise, is exposed to low temperatures.

That's why I'm having the contest now. In the summer it melts, and in winter it gets that white stuff. Oy.

Now on to the other 2 winners.

Janna--because I am a sucker for a list of 10 things. Yeah, I don't get out much.
Shadow--because she is helping promote my blog so uniquely. I know she lives up by the North Pole, and chocolate is a form of currency up there, so I am sure she will enjoy it.

Today, Monday, is the last day, so I'll have a few extra winners to spread the chocolate love.
That didn't sound right.

In order to capture the crown Jewel of Blogger Risk, Greenland, I have now introduced my official blog's 100% True (you can look it up)
Weird Greenland Fact of the Day
It's only Official National Holiday is:
June 21 (longest day)

They really love Greenland at:
If you haven't voted for me yet, you still have time. No need to register.


tahtimbo said...

Okay, major brown-nose, I went and voted for your blog. I hope you win! Oh, if I do find any bloggers from Greenland, I'll be sure and pass their address along to you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners. I stayed out of this contest, however.

Why? Because The Hawg just doesn't much care for chocolate.

Odd, huh?

Kritta22 said...

I blogged about you!!
Congrats winners!

Unknown said...

I did a post about chocolate, actually chocolate and drugs because they go good together.

A New Yorker said...

Ha! June 21 is my father's birthday. He must have been from Greenland in a past life.

~*~Shadow.Kat~*~ said...

OoOoOoOoOo I won chocolate? Sweet! Normally I don't go for that sort of thing, but I can think of at least one week out of the month it will certainly go to very good use. :-P

Congrats to the other winners... I just read Momjeansblogger's post and now want to run right out and get or learn how to make a chocolate bust!

Unknown said...

Yay! Congrats to Kirsten. That chocolate is going to go so, so well with the stuff in her pimp cup. :)

Da Old Man said...

@ Tahtimbo: Thanks.

@ The Hawg: Really? Very odd, indeed.

@ kritta: Isaw that. Thank you. Make sure you check back tomorrow. ;)

@ Etta: I saw that. Make sure you check back tomorrow.

@ Lauren: Hmmm. A Greenlander in a past life? Might be gaming the system a bit if I took him.

@ Shadow: I know. Chocolate art. Gotta love it.

@ Jenn: She will be stylin', as usual.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe, I always wondered what that white stuff was. I think I may have even thrown a few candy bars away before :(

I think I will keep the family unawares, however, and then I can keep all the chocolate for myself. bwhahahaha

Da Old Man said...

@ Angie: I don't know how I lived before google.

Kirsten said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I would like to thank all the little people who helped me on the way up! I can't wait for my chocolate!!!

ReformingGeek said...

As promised, I mentioned your blog in today's post. Have a yummy chocolate day!

Sandee said...

I didn't know about the white stuff and the low temperatures. Very interesting indeed. Have a great day. :)

Unknown said...

I didn't know they had such lousy holidays in Greenland.

Well well well.

Unknown said...

did I miss the chocolat giveaway??? cuz i was really watin some goobers!

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: Ever the gracious Rev.

@ Reforming Geek: Thanks, and be sure to stop by tomorrow.

@ Sandee: Thanks, and you do the same

@ Chris: Sounds lke a huge day, celebrating extra sunlight and all that. I guess in a country that's mostly ice, can't expect much else.

eve cleveland said...

Old Man,
That tidbit 'bout the funk on candy bar is the last straw. Put your drawers on, we're goin' out. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, Geezer.
It's time for some though love,

Da Old Man said...

@ Georgie: Today is the final day. Check back tomorrow to see if you won.

@ Eve: I'm scared.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that they are now beginning to use (Lions) Ford Field in Detroit as a Tornado evacuation center?
They know a touch down will NEVER happen there!

Can't eat sugar but thought you'd like a funny from Michigan.

michiganderlady said...

All yer chocolate are belong to me. :)

USPS you say???? Hmmm.....I shall intercept all packages sent out by Da Old Man. :)

I have friends in low places. LOL!!!

Chat Blanc said...

I know for a fact, that "fat bloom" is what chocolate does to my thighs! :D

Da Old Man said...

@ Ms Macky: LOL

@ Michiganderlady: Oy. You're getting like rubba

@ Chat: Me, too :(

Unknown said...

OMG Joe, I've been so confused. Now I know what the contest is about. Woot !!! Ok so maybe tonights post will be about Joe and his chocolate. I'll share the've always done the same with me...

Janna said...

Oooh! Oooh! I won! I won!
So do you want my address, or do we have enough of a psychic connection that you can already read my mind?

Here, let's test it....
What number am I thinking of right now?

Janna said...

Drat! No, you got the number wrong. I was thinking of 47,819.

Ok, well, with that in mind, here's my address.

Da Old Man said...

@ Janna: I was thinking 47,820, and using Price of Right rules as established by Bob Barker, that means I missed by going over. :(

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