Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crotchety's Chocolate Covered Contest Day 3

The celebration continues.


And what, you may wonder, am I celebrating?

My goal is 1 million visitors. I expect to hit 25,000 in the next day or so. And that is nearly one quarter of the way. Ok, one quarter of one tenth, which is half way there.

Fuzzy math aside, I really am pretty happy. Today, I acquired the domain crotchety old Last year I tried to buy it, and had no luck. So, whether the previous owner died or just got tired of a domain name he never used, I don't know. I just know it's mine. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but it makes me happy.

That and I'm in an all out effort to attract bloggers from Greenland. A few of my blogger buddies, Tiggy, Humorsmith, and the Offended Blogger have decided that it is important to have readers from there. Sounds good to me. That, and I'd like to have Miley Cyrus read my blog. No particular reason. I'm sure I couldn't pick Miley out of a lineup of teenage girls. But, she's pretty popular, and if she starts reading my blog, maybe she'll give me a shout out at whatever it is she does. And what do Greenlanders and teenagers have in common? A love of chocolate.

It's called marketing, people. So, this contest is all about Greenland and Miley Cyrus. That, and a way to thank some of my loyal readers, and maybe get a few new ones. Who says I'm not a super genius?


Oh, yesterday, I chose 3 winners:

Chat Blanc

Just send me an email (the address is on the side) and a bag of candy will be on its way as soon as the Spawn gets her tuchas to the post office.

Today, I'll choose 3 more. You may notice the winners were persistent and funny. That's a hint. Lauren put a link to my contest in a post. She won. The other day, Chica put a link in a post and she won. Chat put a link in a post, and she won. Seems to be a pattern.


Oompa Loompas do all the heavy lifting at:
And you still can vote for me. No need to register, just click on my name.


tahtimbo said...

Congratulations on getting the domain name! Greenland, I need to check and see if I have ever had anyone from there. I know I've had a few (31) from Norway and some from Finland. (went away to check) Nope, none from Greenland. I shall target them and show no mercy. Question: is Greenland the country with the highest per capita consumption of chocolate?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm first! That's what you get for staying up all hours online.

I once was a district manager for Sprint and one of my stores had a bunch of ladies who somehow managed to synch their, ahem, menses. Scientists say it has something to do with aroma therapy, but the dudes in the store said it came straight from Beelzebubba, the original redneck.

I put a recurring Outlook event to remind me of the onset of pms time and I'd send over bags of chocolate so they wouldn't kill each other. If the supply ran low, I got calls.

You could say they were "saved by chocolate"

oh yeah, I linked to the site and my name is a link so I'm all linked in here.

Marvel Goose said...

well heck, I'm second. Tahtimbo snuck in while I was looking up how to spell Beelzebubba....

Janna said...

Ten things the letters CCB could stand for:

1. Chocolate Covered Boobs
2. Craving Chocolate Buttons
3. Canada's Chilly! Brrrr!
4. Churchill Could Belch
5. Clanging Church Bells
6. Chewy Cheese Biscuits
7. Creamy Chocolaty Babe
8. Competitively Clapping Barefoot
9. Crotchety Chocolate? BEST!
10. Canaries Can Burst

Adullamite said...

Apart from an American Marine outpost is there anyone in Greenland?

Rubba said...

Sweet! Congrats on grabbin' the name!. . .

However, I hate to be the bearer of bad news and don't mean to give you an achy breaky but. . . I don't think Miley
likes chocolate all dat much . . . :-O

A New Yorker said...

Congrats on the domain name!
Wow all I had to do was act like a brat to win. :-) Very cool. It's going in my doula bag for all that nutritious energy you learned us about.

Lipstick said...

Congrats on the domain name! I have been wanting to do that...

Deb said...

while you are trying to conquer Greenland, could you send your overflow visits from the US my way? I'd be happy just to get someone from Greenland, NH.

Just wanted to comment, not enter the fabulous chocolate contest as I would be the one eating the entire bag and I can't afford to buy a chair with a bigger seat.

Congrats to all the winners!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the .com that is really exciting news! And you know that I will contribute as much as I can to your goal of 1,000,000.

And Woot! I luvs me some chocolate! Sending my info now, though I must say I was quite disappointed that you won't be stalking me. :(

Unknown said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations on your domain name! I seriously can't believe you haven't reached 1 million visitors yet! I will post your blog on my Facebook account (since I've been neglecting my blog, my Facebook account would be much more likely to bring in some new blood - and I promise I won't be neglecting my blog much longer... my mind is starting to work again :-P)
Unfortunately, I can't help with the Greenland part of things. Maybe go to a Greenland classified site and advertise there? :-P

eve cleveland said...

Um, did you just say that you were....happy?

Da Old Man said...

@ Tahtimbo: I have no idea what Greenlanders do. I'd guess it's a mysterious land of sno-cones.

@ Marvel: Chocolate soothes many such situations.

@ Janna: I like lists. I have no idea why.

@ Adullamite: I'm guessing it's chock full of polar bears and their mortal enemy, penguins.

@ Dat's who Miley Cyrus is? Is that candy real? It looks kinda...pornographic.

@ Lauren: That and the link :)

@ Lipstick: Thanks. I already have .net. I just like collecting things.

@ Deb: I don't want to actually conquer it. I just want to get the one person with the computer to read my blog once. It's the crown jewel in Blogger Risk.

@ Angie: Thanks for your help. I'd think about stalking you, but I get distracted so easily. Plus I'd forget what I'm doing and suddenly wonder what I'm doing in a bus station in Albequeque. Plus, that is in New Mexico, and I don't have a current passport.

@ Shadow: Thanks. And yes, you do need to start blogging again.

@ Eve: Don't worry, it will pass soon.


Kirsten said...

Please look at my blog!! Please?!

Kate Rawlins said...

COM - check out my site for a laugh at ONE of my most embarrassing moments. Good luck at reaching 1M !

ReformingGeek said...

Help! You guys (and Kirsten's post) are making me so hungry that I'm about to open the Halloween candy bags. As I will turn into the Wildebeast if I eat that stuff, I'd like to avoid the candy bags (probably should just eat the candy, not the bags). I'm working on a chocolate post for tomorrow and I promise I will put a link to your chocolate obsession (I mean educational posts) in my post!

Da Old Man said...

@ Kirsten: I'll be there

@ Kate: I will. Thanks for the kind words

@ Reforming: I'll stop by tomorrow, but make sure you remind him. I'm slowly lapsing into a diabetic sugar haze over here.

Kritta22 said...

I'm so bloggin about you right now!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

JD and Lucy said...

Congratulations, my (our) friend.

Da Old Man said...

@ Kritta: Stop by tomorrow and drop a link.

@ JD: Thank youse. :)

Matt said...

I thought you had already purchased "Old man's"

My bad.

Chat Blanc said...

THANK YOU!!! Sorry I'm so slow in posting my word of thanks, I've been sleeping for nearly two days straight, you know, so I'm recharged and really to commence chocolate consumption! ;)